Monday, February 15, 2021


Mike and I have been moving "stuff" out of our beach cabin in prep to list it for sale.  I took these fish and plant images off of a beach cover-up and thought of dear Anita Murphy, founder of the Golden Triangle Quilt Guild.  She never wasted anything, often attaching a new bodice in place of a damaged bodice on a perfectly good dress.  She altered many garments in nearly every way you can imagine.  I put my images on a dark blue Grunge fabric.  I quilted "slubs" into the straighter lines for sort of a tapestry effect.  I definitely want to do more of that as I liked the look of it.  Since it reminds me of Hawaii, it will go to nephew, Hudson Hand, of the Hand Ohana.

Untitled            22.5"x42.5"

UFO's February 2021

 These two quilts (fig. 1-2) began as mystery quilt tops at a quilt retreat.  I began them so long ago I have forgotten the year I began them.  Urs and Cedar were children and are now grown men.  I finished them last year then sent them both off to long-arm quilter, Crystal Little.  They came back this month.  Their bindings are on and stitched down so they are ready to pack and send to the guys.  

Tall Timbers        60"x80"     fig. 1

Tall Timbers    60"x80"        fig. 2

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Circle Challenge

In 2018, FiberVoices members participated in a circle challenge.  Susan Fletcher King decided she hated hers and was going to throw it away.  I had to take it.  I altered it by adding more circles and removing one border then quilted it (fig. 1).

A Moveable Feast II       14" x 14"                    fig. 1

Fibervoices Challenge

 Fibervoices members decided to exchange trading card size works.  Our first exchange was called "2020".  From the top, left to right, Susan's King's Covid Mask, covering a nation physically and emotionally scarred; Mary Ann Littlejohn's Year of Serenity and Chaos in shattered tranquility; Linda Teddlie Minton's Tigger and Friends, supporting and rescuing each other; Nancy B. Dickey's No Covid-19, and my Alien Invasion, with the bug blowing in and marching across the world.  Our next effort will be postcard size (4"x6").  Theme is Climate.

2020          2.5" x 3.5"                                               fig.1


Friday, September 18, 2020

Collage from my Journal Pages

Members of the Beaumont Area Fiber Artists recently met for a sew day.  Most sewed.  I brought my journal, scissors and glue to create stream-of-conscience improvisational collaged postcards.  These will go to attendees of the group's upcoming annual retreat.  A few are shown below (fig. 1)

Postcards from My Journal   4"x6"         fig. 1


Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Revisiting Zoo Inspirations

Some years ago FiberVoices members decided to create three works relating to their trip to the Zoo.  I recently completed the third work...and a fourth and fifth.  When I stopped to consider each piece in the body of work, I concluded the overall theme could be condensed to one word - Boundaries.  We are all bound by a need to nurture, family, our communities and nature.

First Impressions        fig. 1
12" x 24"

Fencework                        18" x 44"                         fig. 2

Savanna Dreams                              fig. 3
30" x 40"

Staying Close to What Counts       fig. 4
12" x 17"

Bamboo and Other Memories         40" x 64"           fig. 5

Friday, July 24, 2020

Veggie/Fruit Prints

Many vegetable/fruit prints were created a couple of years ago for FiberVoices Lecture and Workshop.  Vegetables used were tomato, celery, mushrooms, bell pepper and other peppers, artichoke, cucumber, onion, shallots, lemon, orange, and an apple slice to create the butterfly below (fig. 1).  Vases were created from gel plate monoprints.  The first one was used on our promo brochure for the class (fig. 1).  I made several others while on a roll (fig. 2 - 6).

                                                fig. 1

                                             fig. 2

                                                       fig. 3

                                                     fig. 4

                                                 fig. 5

                                                      fig. 6

Book Challenge 2018

The book was 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  My quilt was  based on the Bird of Paradise described by Jules Verne.  The bird is silk on painted cotton background.  Larger leaves are cotton.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Finished Old Round-Robin UFO, 2020

I finally finished the machine quilting portion of my "big stitch" quilt - a  very old round-robin from early 2000, thanks to my Coronacation.  I participated in this round-robin with members of the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston.  My star block was in the middle, followed by the work of Mary Ann Littlejohn and Christine Olah.  The last 3 rows were added by an unknown quilter.  Let me know if you recognize your work.  Full size (Fig. 1) and detail (Fig. 2) below.

Fiesta Dreams           55" x 55"            Fig. 1

Fiesta Dreams Detail             Fig. 2

Monday, March 2, 2020

BAFA Meeting 2/20

Members met and shared design exercises related to working in a series (see fig. 4 - 14).  Work in progress (fig. 1-2) and finished work (fig. 3) was also shared.  Quilting design options were discussed on Kathy's quilt top (fig.2).  Lisa did several motif designs and wanted help choosing one to work with.  I liked the most medallion-like one myself which is the last image shown below.

Connie Work in Progress                       fig. 1

Kathy Risinger Work in Progress            fig. 2

Sylvia Weir Wizard of Oz Challenge      fig. 3

Working in a Series   Sylvia                    fig. 4

Dianna Eichorn fig. 5

Melissa Tweedel                                                     fig. 6

Jean Aguilar  fig. 7

Susan Cornell      fig. 8

Connie                                       fig. 9

Lisa Johnson        fig.10-14

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Student's Work

With each of my 6 Sew Pieceful Bee gift exchange pieces, I have attempted to find a personal connection between me and the work's recipient through the creative process.  Student's Work was no different.  It was made for Dot Collins, a retired engineer and quilt teacher, who has been inspiring her students for over 30 years.  She was my first quilt-class teacher.  The two students in Student's Work are her grand-daughters, Reese and Taylor.  Though I worked from photos of the girls supplied by Dot's daughter, Tracy, I made a number of modifications to come up with this design.

Student's Work                  21" x 36"  


Sunday, December 8, 2019

BAFA December Meeting 2019

Work shown at the December meeting of Beaumont Area Fiber Artists included a reverse applique technique exercise (see Fig. 7-9), work-in-progress (Fig. 6-8), classwork (Fig. 4, 6,7) and show and tell (Fig. 1-5).

Xmas Postcards Connie                     Fig. 1

Kathy Risinger                                       Fig. 2

Dianna Eichorn                                    Fig. 3

Lydie Raimbault                             Fig. 4

Lisa Johnson FriendshipBlockQuilt Fig.5

Kathy WIP Classwork David Taylor  Fig. 6

Connie WIP Classwork-GraceErrea
/Technique Exercise                Fig. 7

Lisa Technique Exercise Fig. 8

Dianna Exercise                   Fig. 9

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Beaumont Area Fiber Artists October Meeting 2019

Our artwork study for October was on a work by Georgia O'Keefe shown below (fig. 1).  I do not know the name of the work or the year it was painted.  It was not in the one book in my library on her work though it may have been referred to as part of her Bones series.  In search of my understanding of Georgia, I found I had to do one work first to get to the second one.  I printed the photo onto fabric then cut it up and put it back together again in a different format (fig. 8).  I then identified with the more oriental aspects of her art, especially the presence of the masculine and feminine (fig. 9).  She loved her husband and her home, Ghost Ranch, in New Mexico but her true love and passion was for her art.  See fig. 2-9.

See other work-in-progress, classwork, show and tell (fig. 10-16).

  Georgia O'Keefe               fig.1

Dianna Eickhorn                                 fig. 2

Susan Cornell                                   fig. 3

Dot Collins              fig. 4

Jean Aguilar
           fig. 5

Sylvia Weir                                          fig. 6

Lisa Johnson                                        fig. 7

Connie                                             fig. 8

Georgia Heart and Home       Connie    fig. 9

Jean Aguilar Classwork (Mary Lou Weidman)
                                                             fig. 10

Connie Classwork (Mary Lou)               fig. 11

ShowandTell     Melissa Tweedel          fig. 12

Sylvia Weir Work-in-Progress     fig. 13

Dianna Eickhorn Halloween Hat          fig. 14

Dianna Halloween Kitties                fig. 15

Dot Collins WIP                              fig. 16