Sunday, September 29, 2019

Beaumont Area Fiber Artists September, 2019

Beaumont Area Fiber Artists met, showed work and set their agenda through the end of the year.
Our journal word for September was Vista (fig. 1- 5).  Show and tell projects, including work-in-progress, were shown and discussed (fig. 6-12).

Golden Triangle Quilt Guild missed out on their September speaker and workshops with their guest, Velda Newman.  She and guild member, Susan, were stranded at the workshop chairman's house (Linda), unable to leave thanks to the wicked tropical depression left by Hurricane Imelda.  Linda, Susan and Velda were able to stitch and play during their flood-forced incarceration (fig. 13-15).

Ship to Shore   Susan Cornell                     fig. 1

Kathy Risinger                                           fig. 2

Dot Collins                                                   fig. 3

Sylvia Weir                                                  fig. 4

Clifftop Moors of Cornwall        cmf          fig. 5

Sylvia's Angel                                      fig. 6  

Kathy Risinger                           fig. 7

Cindy Thomas             fig. 8 

Lydie Raimbault  fig. 9

Linda Ainsworth     fig. 10

Lydie Raimbault                              fig. 11

cmf  work-in-progress                       fig. 12

Linda and Susan Classwork                         fig. 13

Jean Aguilar                                             fig. 14

Linda, Susan, Jean                                        fig. 15

Sunday, September 15, 2019

New Stitched Paper Collage

I have been wanting to do another stitched paper collage landscape for awhile.  For the fast and fun bit of whimsy below, I was inspired by the PBS series, Poldark, which was filmed Cornwall, UK.   I never got to Cornwall on any of my UK travels so I don't know if there are actually clifftops on the moors.  My interpretation is a fantasy.

Papers used in this were a mix of painted paper towels, coffee filters, dryer sheets, deli papers, and dye catcher sheets.  Additional paint highlights were added after the composition was completed.  The design was composed on muslin substrate then quilted onto Peltex stabilizer.

Clifftop Moors of Cornwall                    12"x12"

Bafa Meeting August 2019

Members met and presented work.  The Texas trunk show for SAQA circles, theme, Home, was presented by Sylvia.  Fig. 1-4 below were added to the collection.  Other related photos are posted on the SAQA Texas site on Facebook.  Fig. 4 was still a work in progress.  Work related to journal word, shoes, was also presented (fig. 4-8).

Cmf                                        fig. 1

Cindy Thomas                                            fig. 2

Dianna Eickhorn                                           fig. 3

Melissa Tweedel                       fig. 4

Dianna Eichorn                                         fig. 5

Dianna Eichorn                    fig. 6

Cindy Thomas                                     fig. 7

Shoes           Sylvia Weir                            fig. 8

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Bafa Meeting July 2019

Bafa members met and showed work related to their journal word which was Shoes in History (fig. 1-11).  Dot's Dorothy's Shoes depicted the book's silver shoes, the films red shoes and her grand-daughter's musical (she played and sang Dorothy) shoes.  Other classwork and show and tell was shown and discussed (fig. 12-16).  Photo of Christine Schmelebeck (fig. 12) shows her 50 yr. moon landing anniversary celebration outfit.  She attended celebrations at NASA Space Center, Houston.

I took a class called Strips and Curves with Maria Shell, however, what I created is what she would call a "kitchen sink" quilt.  I incorporated drawings created by my granddaughters, a flower block by Bafa member, Melissa Tweedel, and positive/negative translations of a flower I created in a previous notan exercise.  I had taken this other work to use as inspiration during the class.  When Maria saw it she said I was going rogue.  Even I thought I had
two different quilts going but in the end I could not resist going rogue. See fig. 16.

Dorothy's Shoes    Dot Collins                   fig. 1

Lisa Johnson                                              fig. 2

Nancy B. Dickey                                     fig. 3

Kathy Risinger                                               fig. 4

Otzi's Shoe  Christine Schmelebeck           fig. 5

Historical Shoe    Christine S.       fig. 6

Viking Shoe   Christine S.             fig. 7

Lydie Rambault       View A                          fig. 8

Lydie      View B                                          fig. 9

Lydie    View C                                           fig. 10

Connie's Shoes                                            fig. 11

Christine                          fig. 12

Susan Cornell Classwork                             fig. 13

Linda Ainsworth    Classwork         fig. 14

Linda A. Classwork                                 fig. 15

Sorry, Maria, Had to Go Rogue                                    fig. 16

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Exploring Negative Space using Positive and Negative Images

Bafa members met and discussed exploring and creating negative space.  Some members used positive images and some used negative images.  Some also brought the photos they plan to use in their exploration (see Figures 1-12).

I loved working with negative image since I had not done it before.  I created the first one using value gradations and multiple pieces (See Fig. 11) then finally boiled it down to very few pieces in black and white (See Fig. 10).

Sylvia                              Fig. 1

Sylvia  WIP                     Fig. 2

Dianna                                                            Fig. 3

Dianna                                                        Fig. 4

Cindy                                                             Fig. 5

Dot selected photos                                      Fig. 6

Follow the Yellow Brick Road     Dot Collins  Fig. 7

Kathy selected photo/drawing                      Fig. 8

Kathy Risinger                                          Fig. 9

Missy and Bub                                 Fig. 10

Missy                      Fig. 11

Linda Ainsworth                                          Fig. 12