Monday, February 25, 2019

Classwork 2018

I took 3 classes (Hilde Morin - fig. 1, Lenore Crawford - fig. 2-3, and Esterita Austen - fig. 4-5) last year and helped teach one (FiberVoices workshop on creating a stamped veggie floral bouquet).  Lenore taught two methods of composition, one working with pattern (poppies) and fabric confetti.  I used her poppy pattern in my composition, Poppies and Puffs, fig. 2 and created my own composition (her class project was a forest of trees which on second thought would have looked better...couldn't resist playing) in fabric confetti (Pink Poppies, fig. 3).  Esterita's class was called Sheer Portraits, using sheer in randomly cut pieces to create a portrait (see fig. 3).  I later digitally manipulated the photo of the finished work (again just playing) and quilted it (see fig. 4).

Feeling the Heat                                        fig. 1

Poppies and Puffs                  fig. 2

Pink Poppies                                     fig. 3

Portrait in Blue                   fig. 4

Portrait in Blue Redo       fig. 5

Friday, February 1, 2019

Interpreting Caillebotte

Bafa members met in January and presented their interpretations (fig. 2-12) of Gustave Caillebotte's painting, The Orange Trees, painted in 1878 (fig. 1).  This was my favorite painting to date.  Journal word interpretations are due next month.  The word is "memories".

The Orange Trees by Gustave Caillebotte
                                                       fig. 1

Jean Aguilar                                   fig. 2

Melissa Tweedel                      fig. 3

Nancy B. Dickey                        fig. 4

Susan Cornell                   fig. 5

Sylvia Weir                                     fig. 6

Sylvia Weir                                                fig. 7

Cindy Thomas                                     fig. 8

Dianna Eichorn                                 fig. 9

Dot Collins                                    fig. 10

Sherry Walker                                            fig. 11

cmf WIP                                       fig. 12