Friday, December 14, 2018

Jenni's House on Snow Day

For this piece, I worked from a photo taken and supplied by Dot Collins (fig. 1).  I created Jenni's House on Snow Day for Jenni Beaumont (fig. 2) as part of this year's Sew Pieceful Bee exchange.

Every project is a learning lesson for me, mainly because I am frequently doing something I don't know how to do...or, it is so unplanned I'm never quite sure how to proceed.  I usually start then "fix-it" as I continue along to its conclusion.  This project was no different.  By the time it was finished, I knew exactly what I wanted to do differently and how I wanted to proceed should I ever be challenged to do it again.

 Photo by Dot Collins                                      fig. 1

Jenni's House on Snow Day    15" x 20"         fig. 2


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  1. Beautiful! I especially love the windows with the implied movement behind them.