Sunday, October 28, 2018

Bafa Meeting October 2018

Members met for a morning of quilt art inspiration, sharing work, news, and laughs.  Critique was offered here and there.  Our journal page word for October was Clock (fig. 1 - 10).  See also classwork (fig. 11 - 12) , and show and tell (fig. 13 - 20).

Sylvia Weir          On the Clock                      fig. 1

Dianna Eichorn                                               fig. 2

Linda Ainsworth                                      fig.3

Lisa Johnson    Break Time            fig. 4

Dot Collins             On Dot Time                   fig. 5

Dot Collins     Making A Clean Getaway       fig. 6

Jean Aguilar                                           fig. 7

Cindy Thomas                                            fig. 8

Susan Cornell                                         fig. 9

cmf                    Sunrise/Sunset                    fig. 10

Susan Cornell                      fig. 11

Dot Collins                       fig. 12

Dot's Friendship Block                      fig. 13

Dot's Friendship Block                              fig. 14

Beth Mayer - FB for Dot                               fig. 15

Sylvia's Postcards                                         fig. 16

Sylvia Weir                                       fig. 17

Kathy Risinger                              fig. 18

Kathy's Miniature                fig. 19

Sherry Walker                     fig. 20


Sunday, October 7, 2018

Classwork 2018, Sisters, Oregon

I felt so fortunate to take a class with Hilde Morin of Portland, Oregon, while attending the Sisters Quilt Show this summer.  I was able to add to my technique repertoire with no-pins, curved piecing.  The created "lace" (circular shapes) was a technique I had done many times before so I enjoyed the familiarity of it and the fun.  Feeling the Heat is shown below, fig. 1.  Acrylic fabric paint was used to highlight the quilting pattern around the created lace.

After I quilted the work, I was able to create the improvisational "gift" (fig. 2) by cutting up the quilted trimmed bits into squares and rectangles and free-motion zig-zagging them back together for a fun fabric-connected, abstract expression. 

Feeling the Heat       15.5" x 15.5"               fig. 1

Untitled         7" x 9"                          fig. 2