Sunday, September 30, 2018

Bafa Meeting 9/28/18

The group members met to share their work on the word 'bottle' (fig. 1 -6).  Melissa shared her latest finished quilt, Surfboards (fig. 7).  Our new classic painting was presented - Gustave Caillebotte's The Orange Trees (fig.8), painted in 1878.  Interpretations are due in January.

Kathy Risinger                                               fig. 1

Dot Collins                              fig. 2

Bottle-nosed Dolphin   Beth Mayer              fig. 3

Dianna Eichorn             fig. 4

Sylvia Weir                       fig. 5

A Bottle by Any Other Name   cmf       fig. 6

Surfboards         Melissa Tweedel                 fig. 7

The Orange Trees - Gustave Caillebotte fig.8

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