Sunday, August 26, 2018

Interpreting the Masters

Bafa members have chosen to view classical paintings and select one to interpret every two months as a design and composition challenge.  Sylvia and I kicked it off by selecting Vermeer's The Lacemaker (fig. 1), painted in 1655, to show the group how different interpretations can be (fig. 2-3).  Our next selection was Matisse's The Girl in the Purple Coat, painted in 1937 (fig. 4-17).  Jackie Stubblefield did a near perfect rendition (fig. 6) in acrylics - which she said is definitely not her style and was a big challenge.  Dot Collins' paper-pieced version was my personal favorite (fig. 7).

Because I had done an pieced abstraction of The Lacemaker (fig. 3), I wanted to piece something for Matisse (fig. 12).  However, I didn't feel I understood the master so I then did a series of watercolor-on-fabric postcards (figs. 13-17), focusing on mark-making, depth and detail as I went along.  I now understand why art students at the MFAH are always sketching the master paintings for in-studio classwork to gain insight into the master's mind and work.  I can't wait to do this again.

Vermeer  1665                                      fig. 1

Sylvia Weir                                          fig. 2

Connie                                  fig. 3

           Matisse  1937                           fig. 4             

Jean Aguilar                                     fig. 5

Jackie Stubblefield                   fig. 6

Dot Collins                                fig. 7

Sherry Walker                                    fig. 8

Kathy Risinger                          fig. 9

Sylvia Weir                                                 fig. 10

Dianna Eichorn                                         fig. 11

                            Angled    Connie                                         fig. 12                          

Making Marks 1                 fig. 13

Making Marks 2                fig. 14

Making Marks 3                   fig. 15

Making Marks4                      fig. 16

Making Marks 5                fig. 17

Self Portraits 2018

This year's self portraits were fun to do.  They were combined with a color exercise to include complimentary, split complimentary, monochromatic, warm, cool, etc.  Can you tell what color category each one is?

Jean Aguilar                        fig. 1

Nancy Dickey                       fig. 2

Sherry Walker                          fig. 3

Dot Collins                                    fig. 4

Kathy Risinger                                fig. 5

Susan Cornell                             fig. 6

Sylvia Weir                                                   fig. 7

Dianna Eichorn         Beach Girl                              fig. 8

Connie' Hand                                                                    fig. 9


Zipper was the word to interpret.  Bafa members took on the challenge.  Some of us did two...see figures 1- 13.

Dianna Eichorn                         fig.1

Dianna's Butterfly Pouch Revealed               fig. 2

Sherry Walker's Zipper                   fig. 3

Sylvia Weir                                                fig. 4

Nancy Dickey                            fig. 5

Lydie Raimbault                                     fig. 6

Jean Aguilar                                        fig. 7

Jean Aguilar                                      fig. 8

Dot Collins                fig. 9

Dot Collins                                                  fig. 10

Susan Cornell                        fig. 11

Connie's Paper Zips                             fig. 12

Zipping It Up      Connie                            fig. 13