Sunday, October 29, 2017

Bafa Members Work October 2017

Members met yesterday.  Sylvia brought some of the canvas bags that were ice-dyed for the upcoming SAQA Conference, 2018, in San Antonio (fig. 1). Color exercises were looked at (monochromatic secondary colors) - fig. 2.  Journal pages were submitted and it was agreed to pursue work next year relating to a single word chosen each month by the group (fig. 3-6).  Individual member work was presented (fig. 7-13).  Of note:  Tribute to a Friend was a tribute to long-time GTQG member, Barbara Wallace (fig. 12).

Members                                                                          fig. 1

Members                                                                           fig. 2

Melissa Tweedel                                         fig. 3

Dot Collins                             fig. 4

Jean Aguilar                                    fig. 5

cmf                                          fig. 6

Purchased Quilt      Melissa Tweedel            fig. 7

Beth Mayer                                                    fig. 8

Jackie Stubblefield                           fig. 9

Jackie                             fig. 10

Jackie                                                       fig. 11

Tribute to a Friend       Sylvia Weir            fig. 12

Smock Top   Sherry Walker                        fig. 13