Saturday, September 30, 2017

Beaumont Area Fiber Artists Met on September 30, 2017

We selected our cartoon image and primary color (red, blue or yellow) last month and presented our exercises today (fig. 1 - 13).  Some were not finished and will be further embellished or enhanced.  Lisa did two as did Jeanelle and Sylvia did one of each primary color.  Jeanelle did one blue floral painting on paper.  She said she finger painted the the blue first and the negative space last which would be fun to do.  Her red floral was a fabric collage. Journal pages were shown (fig. 14-17).  Sylvia said hers was her house on an island of grass surrounded by water (Harvey had a big impact on the Beaumont area.  Show and tell was presented (fig. 18-26).  Sylvia shared her ice-dyed projects since we will be ice-dying canvas bags for the SAQA conference next year in San Antonio.  Lisa showed a book she made with Coptic Stitching so it lays flat when open.  Kathy finished her Fish Challenge project but has decided to add paint highlights so when we see it again, I will put it with the Fish Challenge projects.

Melissa Tweedel           fig. 1

Nancy B. Dickey                          fig. 2

Susan Cornell                              fig. 3

Jeanelle McCall                        fig. 4

Jeanelle McCall                              fig. 5

Kathy Risinger                       fig. 6

Lisa Johnson                 fig. 7

Lisa Johnson                                             fig. 8

Christine Schmelebeck                              fig. 9

Sylvia Weir                               fig. 10

Sylvia Weir                                fig. 11

Sylvia Weir                                    fig. 12

cmf                                       fig. 13

Sylvia Weir                                                 fig. 14

Lisa Johnson                                            fig. 15

                 Lisa Johnson                               fig. 16

cmf                                          fig. 17

Lisa Johnson                   fig. 18

Jeanelle McCall                    fig. 19

Jeanelle (back)                                            fig. 20

Sylvia Weir           fig. 21

Kathy Risinger                          fig. 22
Fish Challenge

Sylvia Weir                                fig. 23

Kathy's Treasure Box (side)                  fig. 24

Kathy - side view                                      fig. 25

Kathy - front view                   fig. 26

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