Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happiness Is...Making a T-Shirt Quilt for Derek

This year I made my first T-shirt quilt for grandson, Derek Beam, who graduated from high school this month.  His mother collected his European travel t-shirts from their time living in Germany and then sent them to me.  I only had 12 t-shirts to make a twin-size quilt so I sashed the blocks then bordered them, focusing on the interior focal point colors for the outer border.  I used a simple 9-patch block to create the Swiss symbol cross, except theirs is white, of course, and is featured in the center orange t-shirt.

My grand-daughter, Abby, tucked 6 of her t-shirts in the box so I am working on one for her as well...

Derek's Graduation Quilt   66" x 82"

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