Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bafa Baggie Challlenge

Three additional baggie challenges were shown in June.  Since they had not been posted in one place by themselves, I thought I would group them all here.  Each participant received a sandwich sized baggie filled with scraps and odds 'n ends.  See Images 1-16.

Dot Collins                                                        1

Susan Cornell                                               2

Susan Cornell                                                     3

Susan Cornell                      4

Melissa Tweedel                                              5

Jean Aguilar                                              6

Lisa Johnson                                                        7

Lydie Raimbault             8

Connie Fahrion                                     9

Connie Fahrion                                              10

Kathy Risinger                                                 11

Sherry Walker                                                  12

Sylvia Weir                                     14

Sylvia Weir               15

Beth Mayer                                                    16

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  1. Oh my gosh, can't pick a favorite ... although I am partial to three-dimensional fiber art. They're all so good!