Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Other Assorted Bafa Work

At the April meeting, Bafa members also shared classwork, work-in-progress, design exercises from previous meetings, and finished work (fig. 1-12).

I also posted a close up of Lydie's birdhouse from the baggie challenge (fig. 13).  Lydie's focus is on using old and used fabric and lots of stitching on a dimensional object that reminds me of a book in that as it is opened to lay flat, each "page" reveals another part of the story.  This looked like so much fun, we all decided we want to do one.  Mine will have to be a hanging fish bowl...LOL!

Melissa Tweedel - Classwork                fig. 1

Susan Cornell                                           fig. 2

Lydie Raimbault                          fig. 3

Kathy Risinger                        fig. 4

Dot Collins                                                   fig. 5

Dot                                                              fig. 6

Susan                                                 fig. 7

Susan                                                         fig. 8

Susan                                                      fig. 9

Kathy - Design Exercise                             fig. 10 

Kathy- Design Exercise Finished                 fig. 11

Kathy - Finished Work  fig. 12

Lydie - Baggie Challenge      fig. 13

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