Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bafa Baggie Challenge

Bafa members exchanged baggies full of "stuff" at our last meeting.  This challenge was so much fun.  It reminded me of a postcard class I took at Quilt Festival long ago (see Silk Purses or Sow's Ears) where we all dumped our scraps on a table then unleashed creativity, adding something then passing it to our neighbor to add something and so on until it came full circle,  It was the sort of spontaneous-creation exercise I love doing.  It's a good thing we did not have to use all the stuff in the bag because I got two little pieces and had leftovers (fig. 1-3 below).  Note:  In Deep Water Horizons (fig. 1), the deep water is a dye-catcher.  I conformed design to the shape of the cut batting.  Can't wait to see what everyone did.

Deep Water Horizons    10"x12"          fig. 1

Hope Springs Eternal          8"x9"                  fig. 2

Leftovers                                                      fig. 3