Monday, March 27, 2017

March 2017 bafa meeting

Beaumont Area Fiber Artists has a new logo thanks to the talent of member, Jeanelle McCall (fig. 1).  Sylvia volunteered to set up our members-only group page on FB so members work will be posted there as opposed to here in future.  In the meantime, members showed journal page collage work (fig. 2-8); quilt exercise work (fig. 9-10) classwork (fig. 11-13); other work-in-progress (fig. 14-15), finished work (fig. 16), and Sylvia and Sherry's baggie challenge results from another group (fig. 17-18).  Our members brought baggies of "stuff" to exchange so we will have our group's baggie challenge results next month.  Anyone who has done a baggie challenge before knows that they are fairly fast improvisational compositions.  Kathy missed the meeting but sent a photo of her landscape with painted batting for sky (fig. 19).

Journal Page Collage Sylvia        fig. 2

            Collage- Sherry                                  fig. 3

Collage Page-Jean                fig. 4

Collage-SusanC                        fig. 5

Journal Page-Dot                      fig. 6

Journal Page Lisa                                          fig. 7

Journal Page--Connie                              fig. 8

Quilt Exercise SusanC                                fig. 9

Quilt Exercise Lisa                                      fig. 10

Classwork WIP - Lisa                     fig. 11

Classwork WIP Susan C.             fig. 12

Classwork WIP - Susan C.                  fig. 13

WIP - Lydie                      fig. 14

WIP - Lydie                                fig. 15

Finished Work - Jean                                  fig. 16

Baggie Challenge - Sylvia          fig. 17

Baggie Challenge - Sherry                 fig. 18

Kathy - Texas Landscape                             fig. 19

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