Thursday, March 16, 2017

Jennifer's Vintage Trailer - Upholstery and Pillows

My daughter-in-law, Jennifer, bought herself a vintage trailer with the idea of being a "junk'in gypsy".  It is nearly done.  My husband, Mike, put in a floor, painted, installed new lighting and did a faux pounded tin back splash in the counter and stove area.  He painted the stove too (it was Avocado green).  Together we both did the upholstery and attached the pleated chevron skirt.  It was here we ran into collaborative difficulties when I insisted I could eye-ball the measurements on the pleats and if I was over or under by a quarter of an inch here and there, well, it was fine with me.  He wanted me to use a measuring tape (he is a retired engineer and does meticulous work himself).  I told him I didn't work that way but I agreed to do it his way (some battles are not worth fighting) and it did look nice in the end.  I stitched up the pillows.  See figures 1-7 below.  Jennifer is in charge of curtains so I will post a photo after she has them finished and installed.  Son, Richard, will be her installer and hang stuff on the walls for her.

                                         fig. 1

                                           fig. 2

                                          fig. 3

                                                                fig. 4

                                                                   fig. 5

                                                                       fig. 6

                                             fig. 7

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  1. It is really cute. Love the painted stove and tin backsplash. Who knew Mike knew how to make a pleated skirt?!? Y'all done good.