Monday, March 27, 2017

March 2017 bafa meeting

Beaumont Area Fiber Artists has a new logo thanks to the talent of member, Jeanelle McCall (fig. 1).  Sylvia volunteered to set up our members-only group page on FB so members work will be posted there as opposed to here in future.  In the meantime, members showed journal page collage work (fig. 2-8); quilt exercise work (fig. 9-10) classwork (fig. 11-13); other work-in-progress (fig. 14-15), finished work (fig. 16), and Sylvia and Sherry's baggie challenge results from another group (fig. 17-18).  Our members brought baggies of "stuff" to exchange so we will have our group's baggie challenge results next month.  Anyone who has done a baggie challenge before knows that they are fairly fast improvisational compositions.  Kathy missed the meeting but sent a photo of her landscape with painted batting for sky (fig. 19).

Journal Page Collage Sylvia        fig. 2

            Collage- Sherry                                  fig. 3

Collage Page-Jean                fig. 4

Collage-SusanC                        fig. 5

Journal Page-Dot                      fig. 6

Journal Page Lisa                                          fig. 7

Journal Page--Connie                              fig. 8

Quilt Exercise SusanC                                fig. 9

Quilt Exercise Lisa                                      fig. 10

Classwork WIP - Lisa                     fig. 11

Classwork WIP Susan C.             fig. 12

Classwork WIP - Susan C.                  fig. 13

WIP - Lydie                      fig. 14

WIP - Lydie                                fig. 15

Finished Work - Jean                                  fig. 16

Baggie Challenge - Sylvia          fig. 17

Baggie Challenge - Sherry                 fig. 18

Kathy - Texas Landscape                             fig. 19

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Jennifer's Vintage Trailer - Upholstery and Pillows

My daughter-in-law, Jennifer, bought herself a vintage trailer with the idea of being a "junk'in gypsy".  It is nearly done.  My husband, Mike, put in a floor, painted, installed new lighting and did a faux pounded tin back splash in the counter and stove area.  He painted the stove too (it was Avocado green).  Together we both did the upholstery and attached the pleated chevron skirt.  It was here we ran into collaborative difficulties when I insisted I could eye-ball the measurements on the pleats and if I was over or under by a quarter of an inch here and there, well, it was fine with me.  He wanted me to use a measuring tape (he is a retired engineer and does meticulous work himself).  I told him I didn't work that way but I agreed to do it his way (some battles are not worth fighting) and it did look nice in the end.  I stitched up the pillows.  See figures 1-7 below.  Jennifer is in charge of curtains so I will post a photo after she has them finished and installed.  Son, Richard, will be her installer and hang stuff on the walls for her.

                                         fig. 1

                                           fig. 2

                                          fig. 3

                                                                fig. 4

                                                                   fig. 5

                                                                       fig. 6

                                             fig. 7

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Fabric and Paper Landscapes-Quilting Arts, Apr/May 2017

In 2008, my friend and fellow quilt artist, Liz Broussard, created several works using denim and used coffee filters for an art quilt exhibit at the Copper Shade Tree Gallery in Round Top, Texas (see fig. 1-4).  She gave me her leftover used coffee filters and thus began my journey into the use of coffee filters combined with fabric and other household-use papers such as paper towels, deli-paper, baby wipes, dye catchers, dryer sheets, paper doilies, and printed paper napkins - which led to my third article with Quilting Arts Magazine (see fig. 5-10  ).  Road Snap:  Blue Bonnet Dream'in, Round Top, Texas (fig. 6) pays tribute to Liz's inspiration and our Round Top experience.  Landscapes were created from photos snapped from the road while traveling. I painted my own papers and received donations from those who painted but didn't want to pursue possible work.  I began experimenting in earnest in 2011.  

Elizabeth Ann Broussard  with Emergence of Spring
                                                                        fig. 1

Java Jeans                                                 fig. 2

Sashay Cafe                                              fig. 3

New Dark Beauty                                        fig. 4

April/May Issue 2017         fig. 5

Road Snap:  Blue Bonnet Dream'in, Round Top, Tx
                                                                      fig. 6

Road Snap:  Galway Bay, Ireland               fig. 7

Road Snap:  Sisters, Oregon                       fig. 8

Road Snap:  Fences, Washington State       fig. 9