Sunday, February 26, 2017

BAFA Focus on Collage

Beaumont Area Fiber Artists have challenged themselves to do a journal page collage in the format and media of their choice each month.  We agreed to keep the size the same each time we did a page and to add text to our textile if we so chose.  We could change our theme and word every month and/or riff off of same word each month.  It will be interesting to see what we get over time.  Some work was cropped and/or rotated for visual impact or, simply,to present another view.  See our first collages below (fig. 1 - 13).

Sylvia -  Mixed-Media Fiber         Fig. 1

Sherry's Paper on Paper               Fig. 2

Jeanelle Painted Paper on Paper                   Fig. 3

Jeanelle Fabric and Stitch                           Fig. 4

  Susan -  Printed Fabric          Fig. 5

Cathy - Theme Print Fabric                  Fig. 6

Jean - Fabric and Stitch                               Fig. 7

Lisa - Paper                                                 Fig. 8

Dot - Fabric and Stitch             Fig. 9

Jackie - Charcoal and Paper on Paper
                                                  Fig. 10

Jackie - Another View                                 Fig. 11

Beth - Printed Fabric                              Fig. 12

Connie - Painted Fabric                              Fig. 13

BAFA Meeting 2/25/17

The meeting was held and work shown.  Various show and tell, work-in-progress (many cropped for visual impact by me) and design exercise, Quilting Designs from Nature, is shown below (see Fig. 1 - 15).

Sylvia WIP                                       Fig. 1

Crop                                                          Fig. 2

Sylvia WIP                                                 Fig. 3

Sylvia - resist - crop                                    Fig. 4

Sherry - Classwork-crop                              Fig. 5

Jeanelle WIP - crop                        Fig. 6

Jeanelle WIP                                Fig. 7

Susan - Classwork WIP                        Fig. 8

Jackie                                                              Fig. 9

Jackie                                         Fig. 10

Dot                                                              Fig. 11

Susan                                                            Fig. 12

Sherry                        Fig. 13

Lisa               Fig. 14

Connie                                                        Fig. 15