Saturday, September 30, 2017

Beaumont Area Fiber Artists Met on September 30, 2017

We selected our cartoon image and primary color (red, blue or yellow) last month and presented our exercises today (fig. 1 - 13).  Some were not finished and will be further embellished or enhanced.  Lisa did two as did Jeanelle and Sylvia did one of each primary color.  Jeanelle did one blue floral painting on paper.  She said she finger painted the the blue first and the negative space last which would be fun to do.  Her red floral was a fabric collage. Journal pages were shown (fig. 14-17).  Sylvia said hers was her house on an island of grass surrounded by water (Harvey had a big impact on the Beaumont area.  Show and tell was presented (fig. 18-26).  Sylvia shared her ice-dyed projects since we will be ice-dying canvas bags for the SAQA conference next year in San Antonio.  Lisa showed a book she made with Coptic Stitching so it lays flat when open.  Kathy finished her Fish Challenge project but has decided to add paint highlights so when we see it again, I will put it with the Fish Challenge projects.

Melissa Tweedel           fig. 1

Nancy B. Dickey                          fig. 2

Susan Cornell                              fig. 3

Jeanelle McCall                        fig. 4

Jeanelle McCall                              fig. 5

Kathy Risinger                       fig. 6

Lisa Johnson                 fig. 7

Lisa Johnson                                             fig. 8

Christine Schmelebeck                              fig. 9

Sylvia Weir                               fig. 10

Sylvia Weir                                fig. 11

Sylvia Weir                                    fig. 12

cmf                                       fig. 13

Sylvia Weir                                                 fig. 14

Lisa Johnson                                            fig. 15

                 Lisa Johnson                               fig. 16

cmf                                          fig. 17

Lisa Johnson                   fig. 18

Jeanelle McCall                    fig. 19

Jeanelle (back)                                            fig. 20

Sylvia Weir           fig. 21

Kathy Risinger                          fig. 22
Fish Challenge

Sylvia Weir                                fig. 23

Kathy's Treasure Box (side)                  fig. 24

Kathy - side view                                      fig. 25

Kathy - front view                   fig. 26

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Blue Skies Ahead

As kids,whenever we would begin a car trip under unpleasant weather conditions, and everyone felt rather overwhelmed by the idea of an adventure out, my dad, always the optimist and leader of the pack, would smile and say, "Everyone in, it's blue skies ahead.  His famous words came back to me when I felt compelled to get in studio and create.  Overwhelmed by the recent disastrous Hurricanes Harvey in Texas and Irma in Florida, I created my own Blue Skies Ahead.  When I saw the news about the 9/11 anniversary, I understood why I had to get into my studio that day.  It was 9/11/17!

Blue Skies Ahead                                              10.5" x 11.5"

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Improvisational Gel Prints

Once or twice a year I haul tubs of paint, stamps, homemade stencils and screens, mixed media paper, deli paper, fabric, etc., to the beach to paint and imprint paper and fabric until I can't do another print.  One of my one-off gel prints was this fun little primitive - an improvisational, acrylic still life on cotton called Brush Strokes.  It was quilted on Peltex stabilizer with 50 wt. silk threads and bound with a buttonhole stitch (fig. 1)

Brush Strokes      12" x 12"                       fig. 1

Friday, September 1, 2017

BAFA Meeting August 26, 2017

Several group members were present as rain was not too heavy yet.  Journal Pages (fig. 1-5), Classwork (fig. 6-9), and Show and Tell (fig. 10-13) were all shared with the group.  Dot shared how she comes up with her class ideas relating to kaleidoscope quilts using fabric printed onto paper and then cut up, a big time-saver (fig. 10).

Dot Collins                                                   fig. 1

Sylvia Weir                                                  fig. 2

Jean Aguilar                                                   fig. 3

Melissa Tweedel                                            fig. 4

Cmf                                             fig. 5

Christine Schmelebeck              fig. 6

Melissa Tweedel       Fig. 7

Jean Aguilar                                 fig. 8

Birdhouse Back                   fig. 9

Dot Collins                                                  fig. 10

Melissa Tweedel fig. 11

Melissa - Another View          fig. 12

Kathy Risinger                     fig. 13
Hand quilted quilt


Friday, August 4, 2017

Connie's Bafa Circle Challenge Work

The Bafa Circle Challenge was sort of the art quilt group's version of a "round robin".  I created a painted block on commercial fabric (fig. 1) and passed it off to Melissa Tweedel, who added two sides to it and a pieced circular wave (fig. 2).  When I received it back to finish it, I decided to cut it up into circles/ovals and half-moon shapes then tried solving the visual problems presented, visually (fig. 3).  I rejected the painted background immediately, concluding that it did not have enough contrast nor did it speak to the central idea of washing up onto the shore.  I decided to add a dark and a light not used in the original block and use squares/rectangles to contrast with the circles for greater effect, funneling the elements like an hourglass to allude to the timelessness of water washing ashore.  Coming Ashore was born (fig. 4).  This was a fused work, no piecing involved.

Connie's Block                                           fig. 1

Melissa's Additions                               fig. 2

Connie's rejected background and design      fig. 3

Coming Ashore       21" x 42" 
                                          fig. 4 

Fibervoices Circle Challenge

Fibervoices members decided to do the circle challenge which was in progress with the Bafa group, passing it off twice before finishing.  My block (fig. 1)  was created with two planets and three moons.  The moons were painted misty fuse.  Misty fuse was ultimately ironed off leaving paint pattern behind.  I passed my block to Linda Teddlie Minton (fig. 2) who added more paint and divided and flipped the block, adding two "black hole" strips.  She passed it to Mary Ann Littlejohn who added improvisational strip-sets all around and a half-planet (see fig. 3).  She passed it back to me with the other half of the planet.  I added the red background, the half-planet plus another three-quarter planet, more paint, then tried to balance the odd perspective  (fig. 4).  I also maintained the irregular line of Mary Ann's work (often her signature on pieced work) so that it looks like it is floating.  Lastly, I quilted it.  It turned out to be a fun study in perspective and balance and reminded me of nighttime happenings, planets/stars revolving to day, fireworks over the water at the beach, and late night/early-dark morning bumpings around the studio.

Connie's Block                                         fig. 1

Linda's Version                                         fig. 2

Mary Ann's Version                          fig. 3

Night Moves       24" x 25"                            fig. 4

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Bafa Meeting July, 2017

The group met and presented various challenge works (fig. 1-4), journal pages (fig. 5-8), and general show and tell which includes retreat work, challenges from other groups, etc. (fig. 9-21).

Nancy B. Dickey       Fish Challenge
                                                   fig. 1

Sew Globe  Beth Mayer     Circle Challenge
                                                                  fig. 2

Night Moves   Connie      FV Circle Challenge
                                                                  Fig 3

Beth Mayer  Baggie Challenge                 fig. 4

Sylvia Weir                                                  fig. 5

Lisa Johnson                                       fig. 6

Dot Collins                                                  fig 7

Connie                                         fig. 8

Dot Collins              Fabric Box                  fig. 9

Dot Collins - Fabric Bird House
     View 1                                fig. 10

View 2                                     fig. 11

View 3                                     fig. 12

View 4                                       fig. 13

Sylvia Weir                                                 fig. 14

Susan Cornell                          fig. 15

Kathy Risinger                          fig. 16

Kathy Improvisational Block 1                  fig. 17

Improv Block 2                                           fig. 18

Kathy  Paint Play                                       fig. 19

Dot Collins                                                  fig. 20

Connie                      fig. 21