Sunday, December 31, 2017

Say Cheese 2017

This year's Sew Piecefull Bee exchange work turned out to be one of two challenges-to-self for the year.  It features two deer from two photos taken through the window at Quilter's Cabin by Jenni Beaumont (used with her permission) while we were there on retreat.  I drew them the old fashioned way creating a grid on a 4" x 6" photo then drawing a cartoon out by hand on a larger grid.  I then decided it wasn't large enough so took it to FedEx and enlarged the cartoon.  After transferring the image to white muslin, I began painting.  I mixed the use of watercolor blocks and pencils with acrylic pigmented ink.  The painted deer then were machine appliqued onto a pieced and appliqued background embellished with dyed cheesecloth and thread trash.  Since they definitely looked like deer caught in the headlights, I called the finished work Say Cheese (figure 1).  It was made for fellow SPB member, James Bridges.  I had too much fun with this one.  I think I will try a stag next.

Say Cheese                                            fig. 1

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Bafa Members Work, December, 2017

Members met to share work and pass on friendship block work (to be shown later when projects are complete).  Color exercises were shown and discussed.  In conjunction with the exercise, Nancy B. Dickey, showed a finished work she had created in complimentary colors (fig. 1-2).  Also, work-in-progress (fig. 3-6), classwork (fig. 7-9) and other finished work was shown and shared (fig. 10-13). 

Members Complimentary Color Exercise                      fig. 1

Fabric/Canvas Collage-Complimentary Colors
Nancy                                     fig. 2

Connie WIP Journal Page     fig. 3

Sylvia Weir  WIP Classwork              fig. 4

Kathy Risinger  WIP Classwork             fig. 5

Jean Aguilar WIP Classwork  fig. 6

Nancy - Classwork Samples Metal Leafing-  fig. 7

Susan Cornell Finished Classwork      fig. 8

Susan's Fabric Box View 2                        fig. 9

Lisa Johnson                            fig. 10

Nancy - Torn-paper Collage  fig. 11

Nancy - Torn-paper Collage                         fig. 12

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Bafa Members Work October 2017

Members met yesterday.  Sylvia brought some of the canvas bags that were ice-dyed for the upcoming SAQA Conference, 2018, in San Antonio (fig. 1). Color exercises were looked at (monochromatic secondary colors) - fig. 2.  Journal pages were submitted and it was agreed to pursue work next year relating to a single word chosen each month by the group (fig. 3-6).  Individual member work was presented (fig. 7-13).  Of note:  Tribute to a Friend was a tribute to long-time GTQG member, Barbara Wallace (fig. 12).

Members                                                                          fig. 1

Members                                                                           fig. 2

Melissa Tweedel                                         fig. 3

Dot Collins                             fig. 4

Jean Aguilar                                    fig. 5

cmf                                          fig. 6

Purchased Quilt      Melissa Tweedel            fig. 7

Beth Mayer                                                    fig. 8

Jackie Stubblefield                           fig. 9

Jackie                             fig. 10

Jackie                                                       fig. 11

Tribute to a Friend       Sylvia Weir            fig. 12

Smock Top   Sherry Walker                        fig. 13

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Beaumont Area Fiber Artists Met on September 30, 2017

We selected our cartoon image and primary color (red, blue or yellow) last month and presented our exercises today (fig. 1 - 13).  Some were not finished and will be further embellished or enhanced.  Lisa did two as did Jeanelle and Sylvia did one of each primary color.  Jeanelle did one blue floral painting on paper.  She said she finger painted the the blue first and the negative space last which would be fun to do.  Her red floral was a fabric collage. Journal pages were shown (fig. 14-17).  Sylvia said hers was her house on an island of grass surrounded by water (Harvey had a big impact on the Beaumont area.  Show and tell was presented (fig. 18-26).  Sylvia shared her ice-dyed projects since we will be ice-dying canvas bags for the SAQA conference next year in San Antonio.  Lisa showed a book she made with Coptic Stitching so it lays flat when open.  Kathy finished her Fish Challenge project but has decided to add paint highlights so when we see it again, I will put it with the Fish Challenge projects.

Melissa Tweedel           fig. 1

Nancy B. Dickey                          fig. 2

Susan Cornell                              fig. 3

Jeanelle McCall                        fig. 4

Jeanelle McCall                              fig. 5

Kathy Risinger                       fig. 6

Lisa Johnson                 fig. 7

Lisa Johnson                                             fig. 8

Christine Schmelebeck                              fig. 9

Sylvia Weir                               fig. 10

Sylvia Weir                                fig. 11

Sylvia Weir                                    fig. 12

cmf                                       fig. 13

Sylvia Weir                                                 fig. 14

Lisa Johnson                                            fig. 15

                 Lisa Johnson                               fig. 16

cmf                                          fig. 17

Lisa Johnson                   fig. 18

Jeanelle McCall                    fig. 19

Jeanelle (back)                                            fig. 20

Sylvia Weir           fig. 21

Kathy Risinger                          fig. 22
Fish Challenge

Sylvia Weir                                fig. 23

Kathy's Treasure Box (side)                  fig. 24

Kathy - side view                                      fig. 25

Kathy - front view                   fig. 26