Friday, December 16, 2016

IQA Classwork 2017

I finished my classwork project from Quilt Festival in November.  The class was with Ana Buzzalino who gave us the ins and outs on Transfer Artist Paper.  We had a kit containing an assortment of several different types of fabric such as velveteen and silk organza plus photos, clip art, etc., to transfer.  I transferred onto muslin and a scrap painted piece of fabric (think it was an unsuccessful gelli print) that I had brought with me to class, reds and blues, very spring-like which in this project acted as a "theme" fabric.  We then were to collage our transferred bits into something cohesive.  At the end, I thought my background too white, so I muddied it up a bit by swiping a black Fabrico ink pad over the top of it.  This really needs to be seen in person to be appreciated as some of the imagery is very subtle and barely seen...unless one is up close. It was fun to play with the process and the materials.    


Lov'in the Fishmats

I made placemats for the Sew Pieceful Bee 2017 exchange (previous post) and I also received placemats.  It was such a delightful surprise.  I love them!

Group member, James Bridges, drew my name and made Fishmats.  The napkin is the tail.  How cute is that!  They are beach cabin bound...

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

It's Coming Up Peas and Carrots

Last year at this time, I drew my friend Marlene's name for our Sew Pieceful Bee Exchange this year. My theme was Peas and Carrots and the 4 placemats shown below are my own interpretations on the theme (see figures 1-4).  Each placemat measures 14" x 18" and was pieced and/or raw-edge appliqued, batted (used fusible batting), backed and machine quilted.

                                                                      fig. 1

                                                                       fig. 2

                                                                        fig. 3

                                                                       fig. 4


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

SAQA Trunk Show 2017

When the water on the Texas Gulf Coast turns green, it is said to be "good fishing".  The only time it is not good fishing is when the coast is experiencing an algal bloom, sometimes a harmful algal bloom that gives off toxins and a brownish-red color.  These clustering single-cell flagellates (microscopic marine plankton) can kill fish and render bivalves such as Oysters (my favorite) inedible.  Red Tide (fig. 1 below) speaks to the complexity of  water born microorganisms and their impact on nature.

Red Tide is wax resist/dye on silk, collaged to enhance design and give it "voice" then machine quilted on Peltex stabilizer.  It is one of several works composed with wax resist/dye using marine life and water themes.

         Red Tide              7" x 10"                    Fig. 1