Sunday, August 28, 2016

Design Challenge: A Fish from One Commercial Fabric

In an effort to explore some of Susan Carlson's techniques, we decided to do a fish-from-one-commercial fabric as the design exercise due at yesterday's meeting.  See Figures 1-14 below.  Of Note:  The quilt Nancy's fish is displayed on is a wholecloth quilt by Mary Ann Littlejohn (Fig. 2).  Christine used Strawberry Shortcake fabric for her fish then stepped out of the box adding thread to enhance the overall design (Fig. 9).  Melissa's daughter, Katie, did a mixed-fabric fish (Fig. 14).

The group decided to take the fish idea a step further, creating one out of a fabric we all agreed to use (Fig. 15). This will later be incorporated into small individual works which we hope will eventually be displayed as part of various fiber group exhibits.

Nancy B. Dickey -  Fabric                    Fig. 1

Nancy's Fish                                                  Fig. 2

Beth Mayer                                   Fig. 3

Sherry Walker                               Fig. 4

Jeanelle McCall - Fabric                              Fig. 5

Jeanelle Fish                                                Fig. 6

Jerry Lynne Domingue - Fish 1              Fig. 7

JLD - Fish 2                                            Fig. 8

Christine Schmelebeck                                   Fig. 9

Dot Collins                          Fig. 10

Kathy Risinger                    Fig.11

Melissa Tweedel                          Fig. 12

CMF                                         Fig. 13

Katie Tweedel                                             Fig. 14

Selected Group Challenge Fabric                Fig. 15


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