Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New Thread Trash Work

Thread Trash is one of my favorite fiber items to work with.  Beginning with its dimensional possibilities in fabric compositions where it sometimes took center stage and more often side stage, very effectively, of course.  With the work below, I tried my hand at total-coverage compositions using only thread trash.  All work was stitched down on stabilizer with 100 wt. silk thread (Figures 1-4).

This new work fits very nicely with this year's selected creative-inspiration word - Remission, or Re-mission, depending on how you view it.  Painting with Thread Trash reminded me of painting with coffee filters and papers towels.  The dimensional aspects of it reminded me of working with felted wool and wool roving which can be highly dimensional.

Untitled                                                                           Fig. 1

Freeform Reflections                                                    Fig. 2

Round Top, Texas                                                          Fig. 3

Crystal Beach, Texas                                                       Fig. 4



  1. Connie, these are wonderful. You smart, smart girl! It's such a original effect. I'm impressed with the texture and how much color you were able to get.

    1. Thanks, Cheryl. Color comes from separating the other colors that get caught up in the clump of trash...!