Monday, January 4, 2016

IKE Installation

I finally was able to hang art installation work at the kid's house next door (Fig. 1-2) as their bathroom remodel is in the end stages.  One long wall worked very nicely.  8" squares were mounted on 8" canvasses set on a 12" grid.  Close up (Fig. 3).  The work tells the story of their pre-hurricane cabin, Time Bandit, which was demolished during Hurricane Ike in 2009.  Time Bandit was reborn as Top Shelf in 2011.  IKE began as a quilt top and morphed with lots of texture (thread trash), tulle, puff paint,gesso (white, black and clear) and quilting into the installation work shown below.

 IKE Installation                                          Fig.1
Property of Richard/Jennifer Fahrion

IKE Installation                                                                Fig. 2

IKE Close-Up                                                                    Fig. 3

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