Saturday, January 30, 2016

Happy New Year!

It was like a New Year's celebration at our Beaumont Area Fiber Artist's meeting this morning.  Many of us had such fun stuff to share.  One visitor, Cissy, from South Katy hastily constructed a floral T-shirt drape out of thread trash for Show and Tell.  It looked so fabulous that I am kicking myself that I didn't take a photo...!  I told her she had to work it up and bring it back and show us what she did with it.  Hmmm!  I see a future design exercise here.

At last year's BAFA retreat in LaPorte, we did an ugly fabric exchange with 11 participants.  Each participant received a wee portion cut from a 1 yard contribution.  We were told we could add one or two fabrics but many just used what they received.  Janelle made hers on an apron from Sherry's scraps.  How fun is that?  Sherry did a portrait of her dog, Zipper!  Jerry used her ugly fabric front and back.  Susan did two, etc.  Dot did strips and tossed in a great theme fabric.  Work shown on the wall (Fig. 1).  Individual work following (F. 2-11).

Because we had a 3-month vacation from the group for holidays, we also had to do a Mini-quilt from one of last year's design exercises (Fig. 12).  Several in various stages of progress were shown.  I will post photos of individual mini-quilts when I have more...

Show and Tell - See Figures 13-23.  Susan's work (Fig. 13-15) was from an online class with Katie Pasquini Masopust.  She plans to work a series with her treescapes.  Melissa showed her Shibori-dyed classwork and talked about plans for those and her purchased Silk Jacquard piece (16-18).  Jerry, who has elevated Zentangle to an Art with a Capital A, showed her happy baby quilt (Fig. 19) and Zentangle Inspired Art (Fig. 20-23).

     BAFA Retreat 2015 Ugly Fabric Exchange 
     Fig. 1        

Dot Collins                                                     Fig. 2

Susan Cornell                                                 Fig. 3

Susan Cornell                                                 Fig.4 

Kathy Risinger                                              Fig. 5

Jerry Lynne Domingue                               Fig. 6

Back - Jerry                                Fig. 7

Jeanelle McCall                          Fig. 8

Sherry Walker with Portrait of Zipper - Fig. 9

Sherry Walker     Zipper        Fig. 10

Connie Work-in-Progress                            Fig. 11

Mini Quilts from a 2015 Design Exercise - Fig. 12
Bottom:  Jerry Lynne Domingue from oval, circle, spiral
Middle Left:  Dot Collins from circle, oval, rectangle
Top Left:  Kathy Risinger from Zentangle
Middle and Right:  Connie from Zentangle

Susan Cornell  Online Class W-I-P      Fig. 13

Susan Cornell Online Class    Fig. 14

Susan Cornell Online Class  Fig. 15

Melissa Tweedel - Shibori Dyed Class        Fig. 16

Melissa Tweedel                                         Fig. 17

Melissa's Purchased Silk Jacquard             Fig. 18

Jerry Lynne Domingue Baby Quilt            Fig. 19

Jerry Lynne Zia 1                 Fig. 20

Jerry Lynne Zia 2                     Fig. 21

Jerry Lynne Zia 3                Fig. 22

Jerry Lynne Zia 4                    Fig. 23

Monday, January 4, 2016

IKE Installation

I finally was able to hang art installation work at the kid's house next door (Fig. 1-2) as their bathroom remodel is in the end stages.  One long wall worked very nicely.  8" squares were mounted on 8" canvasses set on a 12" grid.  Close up (Fig. 3).  The work tells the story of their pre-hurricane cabin, Time Bandit, which was demolished during Hurricane Ike in 2009.  Time Bandit was reborn as Top Shelf in 2011.  IKE began as a quilt top and morphed with lots of texture (thread trash), tulle, puff paint,gesso (white, black and clear) and quilting into the installation work shown below.

 IKE Installation                                          Fig.1
Property of Richard/Jennifer Fahrion

IKE Installation                                                                Fig. 2

IKE Close-Up                                                                    Fig. 3

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Upcoming BAFA Meeting January 2016

Since Beaumont Area Fiber Artists decided to take off the last three months prior to our upcoming meeting on January 30, 2016, we decided to give ourselves some challenges.  First all those who participated in the Ugly Fabric Exchange in July 2015, were challenged to create something out of that fabric.  Jerry Lynne Domingue was the first to finish a work (Fig. 1).  My UFE work is still a work in progress (Fig. 2-3).  We also were to create a work using one of our quick monthly design challenges for 2015.  I focused on two of my Zentangle exercise drawings printing them off onto cotton fabric.  I used Watercolor Inktense Pencils and Tsukineko Ink Pens to color background and/or Zen design (Fig. 4-5).  I thread painted the Fish design for practice (Fig. 5).

Jerry Lynne Domingue                                  Fig. 1

Ugly Fabric Exchange Challenge  WIP        Fig. 2

UGEChallenge-WIPCropped                         Fig. 3

MiaZia                                            Fig. 4

Threadpainted Zen Fish                                 Fig. 5