Saturday, December 26, 2015

Sew Pieceful Bee Exchange 2015

I sometimes think I am the most fortunate person in the world for 100's of reasons but this year I added another one.  At last year's exchange, I drew the name of friend, Karen Mills, to make a wall-hanging to be given at this year's exchange (Karen is the daughter of one of my dearest, most beloved, quilting friends - Inez Miia Libersat).  When I asked her what she wanted, she said, "It's all about Mother".

I knew I wanted to do a portrait of Inez but I wanted to capture her essence not create an exact replica or literal translation of my photo of her taken earlier in the year.  So, I did it the slow way (large square grid and hand-drawn portrait, squinting, arm's length, at the photo for guidance).  I also wanted to use monoprinted fabric I created with her in mind...and Thread Trash.  I then focused on:  1.  Words her family put together in a book featuring her work.  2.  Her career as a life-long stitcher and quilter.  3.  Her favorite colors.  See All About Mother below (Fig. 1).  Note about Miss Inez:  She is 99 years young as of March 16, 2015, and is still very much a modern woman, or as my generation would say, a "hip chick".

S.P. member, free-spirit, Nikki Bracken, drew my name and she did a wet felted piece which I love.  She said it was her first effort and she would never do it again.  She said I could embellish it any way I wanted - a very tempting offer, indeed, given my penchant for working a piece ad infinitum.  Another friend thought it should be mounted, as is, on a quilted black background.  I thought perhaps some rough, homespun fringe.  I'll have to study it awhile to see if it speaks to me.  See Untitled below (Fig. 2).

All About Mother                                                              Fig. 1

Untitled                  Nikki Bracken                                     Fig. 2