Monday, November 2, 2015

Friends & Quilts at IQF 2015

I was able to be at Festival 2 1/2 days this year so my goal was to see as many quilts as I could.  Here is mine and a few made by friends.  I took many photos but not all came out well due to light reflecting off the quilt or accidental shadows.

I was able to talk about my quilt, Tobacco Road, based on the book by the same name.  The book was a bleak one about one family's futile efforts and inabilities to survive the great depression.  It was a contemporary novel of it's day.  Reader response was such that the majority doubled and tripled their efforts to survive.  I made Tobacco Road as cheerful as I could in the hope that if I was confronted with medical adversity I would take positive steps to survive with as much grace as possible.  The U-Tube video was made by Quilt Alliance so I will post it when it becomes available if I can jump that technological hurdle.

                    Tobacco Road-Art Pictorial                                                        

Nikki Strimpel, Marily Diemoz, me, Judy Ayers at the Garden

                         Mary Ann Littlejohn-Tactile Architecture                          

                                  Nancy Dickey-Art People, Portraits & Figures                                   

Nancy Dickey-Hoffman Challenge    

Linda Teddlie Minton-Dinner@8     

Susan Fletcher King-Dinner@8          

             Carol Taylor-Traditional Applique                                     


Heather Pregger-Art Abstract Small   


Susan Engler-Dinner@8                    


Beth Porter Johnson-Art Abstract Small


      Janelle McCall-In Full Bloom                 

                                                      Hope Wilmarth-In Full Bloom

                                          Frances Holiday Alford-What's for Dinner