Friday, July 31, 2015

Birthday Greetings

I was the lucky recipient this year of birthday postcards (Fig. 1-2 below) and one special gift from friend, Susan (Fig. 3).  "Grampie" collects washed up crabs so this could not be more perfect for us.  And, I have a bowl of sea shells at the beach cabin that look exactly like these.  They are very delicate and usually crushed under foot so not easy to find.  Thank You, Susan and Jerry!

Beach  4"x 6"      Susan Fletcher King
                                                    Fig. 1

"C"    4" x 6"         Jerry Lynne Domingue
                                                          Fig. 2

Blue Crab   15" x 20"            Susan Fletcher King
                                                                      Fig. 3


  1. Oh Connie, these are all so wonderful are a lucky Birthday Girl! I'm a huge fan of Zentangles, and Jerry's card is an exquisite example. I have to admit that I'm in love with Susan's "Blue Crab," and you should probably check my suitcase the next time I leave your beach house!

  2. So glad you like your post card and your crab/quahog picture. I had intended a label for the crab calling it "Cosmic Crab" but now realized I never got that part done!
    Love you and thank you for EVERYTHING!