Friday, July 31, 2015

July 2015 BAFA Meeting

We spent the morning photographing submission work for our upcoming exhibit, Fiber Fabrications, at the East Texas Art League in September.  We talked about artist biographies and statements and will discuss commissions at our next meeting.  We also looked at work-in-progress and other classwork, challenge work, etc.  Sylvia had an impressive collection of yardage she dyed with Procion MX dyes.  I especially loved seeing Dot's grand-daughter's design exercises on postcards.  How wonderful are these?  See Figures 1-4.

Dot's grand-daughter's design exercises                            Fig. 1

Susan Classwork                                            Fig. 2

Liz Surface Design                                        Fig. 3

Sylvia Challenge Work                                 Fig. 4

Birthday Greetings

I was the lucky recipient this year of birthday postcards (Fig. 1-2 below) and one special gift from friend, Susan (Fig. 3).  "Grampie" collects washed up crabs so this could not be more perfect for us.  And, I have a bowl of sea shells at the beach cabin that look exactly like these.  They are very delicate and usually crushed under foot so not easy to find.  Thank You, Susan and Jerry!

Beach  4"x 6"      Susan Fletcher King
                                                    Fig. 1

"C"    4" x 6"         Jerry Lynne Domingue
                                                          Fig. 2

Blue Crab   15" x 20"            Susan Fletcher King
                                                                      Fig. 3

Saturday, July 18, 2015

BAFA Meeting June 2015

Beaumont Area Fiber Artists met in June.  Our design exercise was to use extension lines from a magazine or fabric sliver to create a new design (see Figures 1-2).  Classwork by Dot Collins from a week-long class with fiber artist and friend, Ginny Eckley (Figures 3-5).  Classwork by Susan Cornell from a one-day class with Dorinda Evans (Figure 6).  Work in various stages of progress for the upcoming East Texas Art League show, Fiber Fabrications, in September, and other venues, was also shown but not photographed.

                                                                        Fig. 1

                                                                       Fig. 2

                                                                       Fig. 3

                                                                       Fig. 4

                                                       Fig. 5

                                                                       Fig. 6

Pillowcases 101

Last year the grand-girls pieced squares which became quilts for their doll beds.  This year they decided they wanted to do pillowcases, creating one also for the little Fin-man himself.  We did the fold-over, french seam method.  I did the rotary cutting.  They pinned and sewed seam twice (Fig. 1-2).  Voila!  Pillowcases! (Fig. 3).  Next year, they say they want to do a bed-size quilt top, working out of my many scrap baskets - bits and pieces, orphan blocks, etc.  I may have to do some pre-cutting for this one!

Getting it ready to Stitch     Fig. 1

A Happy Stitcher                                           Fig. 2

Yay - Pillowcases!                                         Fig. 3