Monday, June 8, 2015

Paper Collage

I began working with paper some years ago, beginning with some painted paper backgrounds for photos mounted on mat board which became ornaments for the family photograph tree (Fig 1).  From there I moved on to paper towels and coffee filters (see Quilting Arts, 2013, Mar/Apr Issue or scroll down this blog to The Art in Fiber 2014 - "Connected" Now Open.  See also Children's Art, Finley's artwork, Grammie's collage, this blog).

When working on a gelli plate for monoprints at the last Fibervoices retreat, I transferred monoprints to deli paper in addition to cotton fabric. I was actually getting two prints for one image - one on cotton and one on deli-paper.  I created an abstract using only assorted painted deli-wrap (see Fig. 2) on mixed-media paper and assorted painted deli-wrap and painted paper towel representational work on peltex stabilizer so I could quilt it (Fig. 3).  It made me take a second and closer look at a tissue paper collage hanging in our office that my grandmother created in 1968 for my dad.  I believe hers was made with paint, assorted paper including tissue and paper bag, twigs, moss, sealed in encaustic wax (it is quite smooth.  Fig. 4).

Assorted Photo Ornaments               Fig. 1

Bastrop Burning                                   18"x 24"              Fig. 2

 Earth Born 2             12" x 12"                   Fig. 3

Two Hearts, One Life    12" x 24"    Selma Charlotte Thompson
                                                          1893-1974                  Fig. 4