Sunday, May 31, 2015

Beaumont Area Fiber Artists

Our local art quilt group, Beaumont Area Fiber Artists, met here yesterday.  Design exercises and other work were viewed and discussed.  The design exercise for May was on the effect of scale (see Figures 1-4 below).  Other work by members, Figures 5-11, is also shown below.  Our next design exercise is on using the lines available from a sliver cut from a magazine photo or fabric to extend the line and build textural design.

Susan's exercise                                               Fig.1

Dot and Connie's                                            Fig. 2

Cropping for effect - Jackie's                          Fig. 3

Magazine Paper Collage -    Scale exercise-Sylvia
                                                                       Fig. 4

Susan's Work                                                  Fig. 5

 Dot-   Shadows variation   Fig. 6

Jerry - Shadows                   Fig. 7

Dot-Crayola Challenge - Bittersweet
                                            Fig. 8

Jerry-Zentangle Mounted on Canvas       Fig. 9

Jackie -         Painted Silk Classwork
                                                Fig. 10

Sylvia Crayola Challenge-Lime
                                        Fig. 11

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Finished UFO's 2015

I finally quilted and put the bindings on two UFO's, one new and one old, Home Spun which I began on a retreat last year (See Figure 1 below) and Masks in Blue which I began on a retreat about 4 years ago (Figure 2).  It seems I now get most of my work done on retreats.  Both works were created and quilted on retreats where I did not have to contend with life-at-home distractions.

Home Spun was created out of my scrap basket and was made deliberately off-center, off-grain and as perfectly imperfect as I could make it.  I posted a photo of it in its quilt-top phase on FB and in an earlier post.  I used paint for a few value fixes.  It pays tribute to many happy days I spent with spinning and weaving friends learning to spin and weave even though mastering those skills always remained one of my more illusive and dubious pursuits.  Masks in Blue used African fabrics and batiks passed on to me by a quilter friend.  I have two other quilt top works-in-progress using the fabrics.  Thanks, Jerry!    

Home Spun     33"x 53"                Figure 1

Masks in Blue            51" x 50"                                   Figure 2