Wednesday, March 4, 2015

GTQG Book Challenge

Last year, I participated in the book challenge through my local quilt guild.  Ten people presented their work at the February meeting and talked about book motivations to create their work plus techniques involved in the process.  Some, not all (camera photos did not come out well), of the work is posted below (Fig. 1-9).  Of special note - The Shoe Tree, based on the book written by Janet's mother, Barbara Wright, currently available on Amazon.

Techniques included traditional piecing, English paper piecing, wool applique, photo manipulation and printing at Spoonflower, eze-screens, paint, inks, embellishments and tulle for non-traditional surface design, traditional applique and fabric collage.

This challenge turned out to be a perfect way to jump-start creativity.  Next year's challenge will be Alice in Wonderland, a book with fascinating visuals.  Figures 10 and 11 of previous Alice work for Beyond the Borders art quilt group in Houston, Alice Down the Hole (work in progress view) and Alice's Odyssey, are shown below.  It won Best of Show at Quilt Guild of Greater Houston and was displayed at International Quilt Festival in 2011.

Secret Garden - Carol Taylor (cropped view)  Fig.1

To Kill a Mockingbird - Dot Collins  (cropped view)  Fig. 2

Alan Jones           Fig. 3

Becky Miles           Fig. 4

Secret Garden - Cherisse Hamilton   Fig. 5

The Bible - Laura Casmore   Fig. 6

Secret Garden - Susan Cornell                       Fig. 7

Secret Garden - Susan Cornell       Fig. 8

The Shoe Tree - Janet Coggins          Fig. 9

Alice Down the Hole WIP - cmf    Fig.10

Alice's Odyssey - Members/Beyond the Borders    Fig. 11