Monday, September 29, 2014

September Beach Retreat 2014

At last week's beach retreat with some of the girls from FiberVoices, I worked entirely out of my scrap basket, hoping to reduce it from heaped and over-flowing to half-full.  I finished one I started in February - Home Spun  (Fig. 1).  A few "fix-its" - backwards "N" and color tweaks (using paint) and it will be ready to quilt.  Quilt consists of old blocks, new blocks and antique blocks never used and a girl block created years ago in a Roberta Horton class at quilt festival.  I don't think mine turned out like it was supposed to.  It now features a skirt made from left-over, pieced wedge-ruler work created by friend, Nikki Strimpel, the scraps of which she gave to me.  Connie's Block (Fig. 2) used small pieced triangle bits left over from I-don't-know-what and wee hexagons, both hand appliqued.  I will do a table runner as there are only three blocks and a left-over half-block.  The scrap basket?  It is now level with the brim...maybe I just repacked it better...LOL! 

 Home Spun               35" x 56"     Fig. 1
Scrap Basket Block  10"x12"                     Fig. 2

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  1. Connie, your Homespun is wonderful! It was such fun to see it come into its final form, especially with that final little "flip" of the skirt. Your Scrap Basket Block is adorable too, and I can't wait to see what you do with it.