Sunday, July 27, 2014

Color Study

Our fledgling art quilt group, no name yet, did a color study exercise this past month.  This was a much more interesting exercise than it appeared to be on its surface.  It was supposed to be 12 squares of varying colors and patterns with a medium color square in the middle, and using the same medium color on each of the 12 fabrics.  We then viewed each square at different distances to note observations.  It was interesting to see which colors were enhanced and which went flat, how sometimes the medium color looked darker and sometimes looked lighter and sometimes did not show at all.  Have you ever viewed a painting up close and had no idea what the painter was trying to convey in design and/or color, only to step back 10 or 20 or 30 feet and go, "Wow, I get it now"!  A quilt viewing experience can be much the same.  See photos below (Fig. 1-8). 

I had so much fun with this, I ended up with 20 squares, and 4 different mediums, two of them blended warm/cool colors then added warm and cool neutrals plus black/white to view impact.  I decided next month we will explore the color intensity, value and temperature exercises as described by Elizabeth Barton in her book, Inspired to Design - which again seem simple enough on the surface...we shall see...knowing me, I will find a way to complicate the obvious!

Susan's Color Study                     Fig. 1
Jerry 's Color Study                    Fig. 2
Liz's Color Study                                         Fig. 3
Dot's Color Study                                 Fig. 4
Connie's Color Study                                     Fig. 5
On the Wall                                                   Fig. 6
Susan's Quilt                                                  Fig. 7
Jerry's Quilt                                                    Fig. 8

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