Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Children's Art

It is no secret I love children's art.  I once selected a group quilt made by a Kindergarten class as my Judge's Choice Award quilt at a quilt show.  I don't think it had ever been done before.  The show's sponsors made a disclaimer saying "a Judge's Choice award is NOT a merit quilting award" for those attendees who did not understand what a Judge's Choice Award was all about.  I think it is the children's innocence and inexperience that attracts me.  Picasso himself said, "I could paint the master's by age 18, but it took a lifetime to learn to paint like a child".  Only two pieces of children's art survive from my own children - Richard's Family Portrait done in pen when he was in first grade (Fig. 1) and Peter's Fish in crayon and watercolor done when he was in third grade (Fig. 2).  When my granddaughter, Abby, was here, she and Elizabeth created name paintings on scrap shelving (Fig. 3, 4).  Finley, age 5, also painted but Grammie could not resist going in and "finishing" it and, of course, was sorry afterward (Fig. 5).  I then cut up many of his drawings and paintings and created a collage (Fig. 6).  I'm told the smiley face with the little brown point is Chewbacca and R2/D2 is down in the right hand corner.  I was able to make my contribution here as well.  I drew Finley's Minion which he painted yellow.  Having too much fun with grandkids.

Family Portrait - Richard Fahrion    1979  (Fig. 1)
Fish - Peter Fahrion                       1984    (Fig. 2)
Abby's Celebration 2014                           (Fig. 3)
Elizabeth Celebrates 2014                          (Fig. 4)
Finley & Grammie Celebrate 2014            (Fig. 5)
Finley's Work/Grammie's Collage              (Fig. 6)

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