Monday, July 7, 2014

A New Art Quilt Group in Town

A few months ago friend, Sylvia Weir, called and said she wanted to start up an art quilt group in the Beaumont area.  Yep!  I was there.  There were three of us actually as fine artist, Jackie Stubblefield, attended also - all SAQA members.  So, feeling we were a bit small, we decided to see if any non-SAQA quilters were interested in joining.  We have 6 more members!  Yippee!  We meet at my house once a month.  Our design exercise last month was Zentangle (some of mine were posted on another post - Putting the Zen in Zentangle).  See Figures 1-7 below.  Dot drew hers on fabric (Fig.5) and Sylvia began hers directly on a quilt sandwich in stitch (Fig. 7). 

Zentangle work on Wall                                                     Fig. 1
"S" is for Sherry   Sherry Walker    Fig. 2
Untitled              Kathy Risinger                   Fig. 3
Untitled        Susan Cornell                       Fig. 4
Untitled              Dot Collins                         Fig. 5
Love Changes Everything               Fig. 6
Jerry Lynne Kelley
Zentangle Beginnings in Stitch                     Fig. 7
Sylvia Weir

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