Thursday, June 19, 2014

In Studio with Abby & Missy

Sewing with "the girls" is always too much fun, especially when the girls are my own grand-daughters, Abigail Marie and Elizabeth Anne.  Throw in some fabric squares donated to the cause by friend, Mary Ann, and, Voila, you have a quilt top!  (see Figures 1-6 below).  While they made a quilt top, I worked on a dress for Abby's American Girl Doll (Fig. 7).  She is leaving the pattern for me so now I have to make more, of course!

Getting a Lesson               Fig. 1
Sewing Blocks                  Fig. 2
Consultation                                Fig. 3
Pinning Rows to Sew     Fig. 4 
Pressing Finished Top    Fig. 5
Mission Accomplished!                       Fig. 6
Abby and American Girl Doll  Fig. 7

1 comment:

  1. Adorable Girls! Sweet doll dress and very impressive first quilt top, too! You are a lucky grandma.