Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Supporting your Local Quilt Guild

A good way to support your local quilt guild is to donate a mini-quilt or two to the mini-quilt auction.  The guild is able to raise money on it and you know your work will be loved by a fellow quilter or quilt appreciator.  If you buy one yourself, you will acquire some small but wonderful work by fellow members you know.  Below are two I donated, After Harvest and Focus on Ficus (Fig. 1-3), and one I purchased, Considering 3 (Fig.4), by guild member, Sylvia Weir, whose work I love.  I happened to be in a felting workshop/class with Sylvia some time ago and while shopping the Vendors, she picked out the fabric that went around the felted design in  After HarvestFocus on Ficus was created from random bits of painted, monoprinted, and deconstructed screen printed fabrics.  It was difficult to tell how Sylvia constructed her collage.  I think it was surface design with other fabric bits sewn on.  The whole of it was wrapped with a shimmering see-through fabric.

After Harvest      14"x 14"                          Fig. 1
After Harvest - Detail                                   Fig. 2
Focus on Ficus  7"x10"          Fig. 3
 Considering 3                    Sylvia Weir 
                                                     Fig. 4

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