Sunday, February 9, 2014

Golden Triangle Quilt Guild Show 2014

Yesterday I attended the Golden Triangle Quilt Guild Show in Beaumont, TX.  (Figures 1-2).
Judges for the show were NQA certified judges Nell Smith (Texas), Cindy Erickson (Midwest) & Madeline Hawley (Georgia).  They made a difficult job seem easy.  I scribed for each of them as the show was setting up and admired their professionalism.  I scribed in many different categories because I only had one entry while other members had multiple entries in various categories and we were all exempt from scribing in our own entered category.

Guild member, Karen Stone (shown below with my favorite of her quilts - Fig. 3) was the shows' featured quilter.  Other personal favorites are shown below (Figures 4-7).

It was no surprise that Judy Beskow blew away the competition in the Small Art category with her fabulous I am a Rock Star (there is my wee entry hanging next to hers and looking rather puny - Fig. 8).  So, I was very surprised indeed when I saw that Nell Smith selected Flowers for Elizabeth for her Judges Choice award (Fig. 9)Elizabeth was thrilled for her Grammy when she heard the news.

Golden Triangle Quilt Guild Show 2/8/14    Fig. 1
Christine & Virginia Viewing Quilts     Fig. 2
                                                   Fig. 3
Karen with her quilt & my personal favorite

Kisses      Melissa Tweedel                           Fig. 4

Vinyasa       Melissa Tweedel                 Fig. 5
My pick for Viewer's Choice

Light Houses at the Beach        Fig. 6
Cathy Lempa

 Plaids&Things  P.J. Broussard  Fig. 7 
Art Small                                                       Fig. 8
I am a Rock Star along side Flowers for Elizabeth
Flowers for Elizabeth                   Fig. 9
Quilt is the property of Elizabeth Fahrion


  1. Sincerely flattered you chose Vinyasa for viewer's choice :). In yoga, vinyasa generally means "flow" and the Sanskrit definition is "to place in a special way." I thought the title fit when I made it. I also LOVE your flowers quilt and am I remembering it from the Houston show? And I won your mini quilt! It's all good!! :)Melissa Tweedel

    1. You did place pieces and color in a special way. Good job! I have not entered Flowers in Houston but maybe I should...LOL...never really thought of it as a show piece since it is so small. Enjoy mini! Thought I would post the auction pieces tomorrow...the two I donated and the one I bought. Keep up your good work.