Sunday, January 19, 2014

Studio Work for Art in Fiber 2014

Whew!  Studio work for Art in Fiber 2014's "Connected" show, opening February 1 - March 2, at Copper Shade Tree Gallery in Round Top, Texas, has been completed and delivered.  Work  was created using coffee filters, paper towels and instant-set dyes in a collage and stitch process which, by the nature of play, is continuously morphing and evolving.  Below, I have posted some studio photos showing the "Connected" work in progress.  I worked from my own drawings (cartoon for realistic interpretation and rough sketch for impression), photos I took in the Napa Valley, and real fruit models (See Figures 1-7).  Finished work, Perspectives:  Two Sides of the Same Coin, and other work can be seen at the Copper Shade Tree Gallery during show times.  Photos of the finished work will be posted after the show opens.

                                                                       Fig. 1
Begin with rough sketch, cartoon drawing, your photos or just wing it 
                                                                       Fig. 2
Begin building your design
                                           Fig. 3
                                                                       Fig. 4
                                                                       Fig. 5 

                                           Fig. 6
                                                                       Fig. 7
Get Messy and Have Fun!

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