Monday, November 25, 2013

Quilt Festival Fun Classes 2013

I always try to take a class or two at Quilt Festival each year though I find I attend more lectures than I used to and sometimes classes take a backseat to that.  This year, I took two classes - one on using Photoshop Elements software and one on painting with Tsukineko inks.
David Taylor taught the Photoshop class.  He made it look so easy and fun.  Better yet, he made it seem like something actually doable by the novice photoshop experimenter.  Now, I'm actually thinking of downloading the software I bought three years ago and never took out of the box so I can play.  Well, at least it will be getting out of the box...

The other class was with Patt Blair, a wonderful teacher.  I thought I would do a portrait of my granddaughter, Elizabeth, when she was around three years old.  I mucked it up irretrievably at the eyes, drats! (See Figure 1, Original Photo, and Figure 2, my first ink attempt at portrait painting, below) but decided to finish it so I can further muck it up (making even more mistakes), before attempting the re-do.  Finished version and re-do version to be posted down the road when ready.

                                                  Figure 1
1-day Class with Patt Blair

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