Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Wedding Quilt for Cassie

I made a quilt top some years ago.  In fact, it was my "retreat" quilt which I worked on over several annual retreats. It was ultimately custom machine quilted by Diane Anderson of Quilter's Cabin.  It occupied space on a shelf as it was never used or given away.  When I learned of my niece's upcoming marriage, I dusted it off (fluff in dryer on no-heat setting) and spruced it up with the addition of more applique leaves, embroidery and a name tag (Figure 1).  Close-up (Figure 2)

The working drawing for the quilt was very rough, no fancy software (Figure 3).  Bride and Groom with quilt (Figure 4).  Time to start a new retreat quilt!

                  Cassie's Quilt    70" x 70"        (Fig. 1)
                        Cassie's Quilt Close Up     (Fig. 2)
              Work Drawing, Cassie's Quilt    (Fig. 3)
                           Newlyweds with Quilt   (Fig. 4)


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  1. Connie, it's just beautiful, and even more so in person. I also love the fact that you included your original working drawing! That is one lucky bridal couple.