Monday, March 4, 2013

FiberSpeak Studio Now Open

I recently moved out of my old studio located in the master bedroom of our house to the living room/dining room to make way for an upcoming remodel of the back half of our house.  The back half of the house is original to the year it was built - 1954, and, yes, I have a pink bathroom and a green bathroom.  The new studio is the largest work space I have ever had.  I hope I can create some larger work to go with it.

View 1:  From Entry across Living Room to Dining Room
View 2:  From Living Room Window to Fireplace
View 3:  From Fireplace to Window
View 4:  Dining Room close up

                                                                    View 1
                                                                  View 2
                                                                  View 3
                                                                   View 4