Friday, December 28, 2012

One-In Revealed

Zoo Inspirations:  Fencework made its debut appearance in the judged show at Houston's International Quilt Festival in October, 2012.  It is the second in a series of three quilts to be completed by FiberVoices members, Susan Fletcher King, Linda Teddlie Minton, Nancy B. Dickey, Mary Ann Littlejohn and myself.  It was inspired by the fencing I observed at the Houston Zoo.  Each exotic animal seemed to have its own unique fencing designed specifically for its own environment.  I found it fascinating.  Besides the safety issue, each added to the mystery that is the Zoo.  I used Thread Trash to create a camouflage net (inspired by camo-netting used to disguise tanks on the open fields during WWII) thereby adding to the mystery of my own exotic plant.

          Zoo Inspirations: Fencework      18" x 44" 
                     Zoo Inspirations: Fencework - Detail    

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  1. I truly love this piece, Connie. You inspire me to finish my own Zoo piece!