Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sow's Ears or Silk Purses?

I took a short morning class with Lyric Kinard at IQA in Houston this year.  Each person at a table of 7 or 8 dumped their bag of scraps onto the table.  We were given a postcard-size piece of peltex and told to add two pieces of fabric.  Then move to a different table to add more "stuff" to someone elses postcard.  And so on two more times, finally keeping the last one.  We did get to begin one of our own, start to finish, the last one below, though I did rob ric-rac off of "Dreams & Wishes" to finish it at home.  We all created 5 postcards in three hours (I usually can spend all day on just one)!   I came home thinking they were all Sow's Ears.  With a few tweaks, however, I was able to get them to an acceptable "I-can-live-with-it" stage.  Silk Purses?  Probably not but they were such fun, I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

               "Too Much Fun"   4x6
                    "Untitled"         4x6
                         "Dreams & Wishes"        4x6
                        "On Parade"                           4x6
                           "Sticks & Stones"          4x6