Thursday, August 2, 2012

One In, One Out

I am so excited that Zoo Inspirations: Fencework is named a finalist in A World of Beauty at the Houston International Quilt Festival October 31 - November 4, 2012. Since we are not supposed to post a photo of accepted entries, I am posting a photo of the one that didn't make it in.

Zoo Inspirations:  First Impressions
I love this little quilt, 12x26, but it was too big for the miniature category and most likely too small to compete anywhere else.  It reflected a sunny day, frantic effort on my part to capture 275 photos in two hours, the floral displays, the fantasy, the care and nurturing, and was based largely on a sign I saw at the Zoo which read:  "Be Kind to Animals and Bamboo, Too!"   Designs were taken from my own photos.  I used negative-image stamps and procion dyes on pfd cotton with pigment ink applied directly to the dyed fabric.  I love the contrast between the somewhat chaotic background, pieced using two different patterned fabrics, and the calmer, pastoral feeling of the inked images.      

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  1. A big CONGRATULATIONS to you, Connie! And I love this little one that didn't get in, too.