Sunday, June 2, 2019

Exploring Negative Space using Positive and Negative Images

Bafa members met and discussed exploring and creating negative space.  Some members used positive images and some used negative images.  Some also brought the photos they plan to use in their exploration (see Figures 1-7).

I loved working with negative image since I had not done it before.  I created the first one using value gradations and multiple pieces (See Fig. 9) then finally boiled it down to very few pieces in black and white (See Fig. 8). 

Sylvia                              Fig. 1

Sylvia  WIP                     Fig. 2

Dianna                                                            Fig. 3

Dianna                                                        Fig. 4

Cindy                                                             Fig. 5

Dot selected photos                                      Fig. 6

Kathy selected photo/drawing                      Fig. 7

Missy and Bub                                 Fig. 8

Missy                      Fig. 9

Monday, April 29, 2019

Zen Garden

My Zentangle inspired art drawing yielded this fun wall quilt, Zen Garden, 36.5" x 37.5" (fig. 1).  The drawing was printed onto 4 letter-sized fabric sheets then set vertically and horizontally alternating the pattern to create circular movement.  Subtle color and background quilting were free-motion stitched using colored 40 wt. cotton and 40 wt. trilobal poly threads with 100 wt. monofilament in the bobbin.  The inner raw-edge applique border was created using design elements already in the drawing.  Outer border is a commercial fabric with some of the design elements placed out into the interior to create an irregular line.

Zen Garden          36.5" x 37.5"                  fig. 1

Sunday, April 28, 2019

BAFA Meeting April 2019

Members met and presented color and design exercises (fig. 1-15), show and tell (fig. 16-18) and journal page work, Memories, (fig. 19-20) as shown below.  Window to my World, fig. 18 below, is my submission to Sacred Threads exhibit on The Human Eye.  As part of this work, I deliberately used a piece of stitched work created by the women of Afghanistan to honor their stitch work and show solidarity with our stitching lives.  Our eyes are a mirror, a reflection, a window to what we see not only as the creator but as the viewer and I thank them for their contribution to what my eyes see.

Sylvia                               Color                 fig. 1

Sylvia     Design 1              fig. 2

Sylvia     Design 2                                       fig. 3

Sylvia     Design 3                                      fig. 4

Dot   Color                           fig. 5

Dot              Design                                   fig. 6

Lydie           Color/Design         fig. 7

Cindy Color                    fig. 8

Cindy Design 1                              fig. 9

Cindy Design 2                fig. 10

Susan     Color      fig. 11

Susan     Design                                           fig. 12

Dianna        C/D                                  fig. 13

Nancy C/D                                               fig. 14

Connie C/D                   fig. 15

Cindy's Old Blocks Made New                 fig. 16

Susan's old-ready-to-be-made-new    
                                                         fig. 17

Window to my World   5" x 23"                    fig. 18

Dianna        Memories                fig. 19 

Sylvia    Memories                       fig. 20

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

SAQA Texas

Two 8" x 10" projects were completed for a traveling exhibit.  Fall Highlights (see fig. 1)  is a fabric collage with falling leaves created with handmade stamps and acrylic paint.

Pareidolia (fig. 2)  began as an abstract painting on fabric.  In that painting, I saw owls and drew my drawing on paper placed on top of the painted fabric to capture the "eyes" I saw in the painting.  The phenomenon of seeing faces in inanimate objects is referred to as pareidolia, thus the title (an example of pareidolia in a painting on fabric is shown below - fig. 3).  I stitched on top of the paper, peeling it away after then painting over the original abstract painting to reveal the new design.  The addition of dyed cheesecloth and thread trash complete the design.

Fall Highlights                           fig. 1

Pareidolia                                      fig. 2

Example:  Pareidolia                                      fig. 3

Monday, April 1, 2019

SAQA Donation 2019

My SAQA donation for 2019 is called  Speaking Out Loud (fig. 1).  This piece made use of cotton scraps, free-motion quilting, photo transfer to cotton, foil and acrylic inks and paint.

Speaking Out Loud                           12" x 12"


Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Bafa Meeting March 2, 2019

Members met and shared work as seen below:  Journal pages (word was Memories) - see fig. 1-8.    Memory (whole different meaning) - fig. 9.  Classwork - fig. 10-13.  Show and tell - fig. 14-16.  Early color exercises were shown however they will be posted next meeting when they are due.

Melissa Tweedel                                         fig. 1

Dot Collins                                fig. 2

Kathy Risinger                               fig. 3

Cindy Thomas                                                 fig. 4

Connie                                                     fig. 5

Connie                                                     fig. 6

Dianna                                         fig. 7

Sylvia                                                 fig. 8

Memory            Connie                        fig. 9

Jean Aguilar      fig. 10

Lisa Johnson                                              fig.11

Lisa Johnson                                                 fig. 12

Lisa Johnson                                        fig. 13

Cindy Thomas   Front                                   fig. 14

Cindy Thomas   Back                                   fig. 15

Lisa Johnson t-shirt quilt top         fig. 16