Saturday, March 24, 2018

Bafa Meeting, March 2018

Beaumont Area Fiber Artist met today and presented color exercises (fig. 1) and journal page work (fig. 2-9).  Our word for our March was Tranquility.  Our word for April is Bridge.

Our color exercise was to use our secondary color and no more than 25% of the split complimentary.  I also showed my primary color, split complimentary (3rd block from Top Left).  Our next color exercise is to use the primary triad.  Pick your primary color then use 75% of that color and no more than 25% of the other two primary colors.

From Top Left:  Sylvia, Dot,Connie, Jean                       fig. 1
From Bottom Left:  Sylvia, Lydie, Connie                               

Tranquility Bay           Sylvia Weir               fig. 2

Lisa Johnson                                                  fig. 3

Linda Ainsworth                                             fig. 4

Lydie Rambault                                      fig.5

Jean Aguilar                                        fig. 6

Dot Collins                                                   fig. 7

Susan Cornell                                       fig. 8

Connie                                                           fig. 9

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Fibervoices Lecture GTQG March 2018

Fibervoices members, Mary Ann Littlejohn, Susan Fletcher King, Linda Teddlie Minton, Nancy B. Dickey and I,  presented work last week to my local Golden Triangle Quilt Guild (see fig. 1-5).  Each member spoke about group challenge work (see fig. 6-8), their own individual work, how they approach that work, where they get their ideas, what they focus on when creating, building up their technique toolbox, and their particular creative process which sometimes varies with each new work. Susan was absent but sent her work and her comments which were presented by Nancy.  Our workshop, Fantasy Floral, was held the next day.

Mary Ann Littlejohn                      fig. 1

Susan Fletcher King                                       fig. 2

Linda Teddlie Minton                                  fig. 3

Nancy B. Dickey                                       fig. 4

cmf                                                       fig. 5

Speaking in Color                                         fig. 6
From left:  Susan, Mary Ann, Nancy, Connie, Linda

From Top Left: Susan,Linda,Linda,            fig. 7

Alice in Wonderland Puzzle Pieces                fig. 8
Susan bottom left, Linda top, Connie bottom right


Fibervoices Workshop GTQG March 2018

Creating a Fantasy Floral...

Fibervoices members led students in a workshop on vegetable, fruit and leaf printing to produce a Floral Fantasy.  I created the sample work (fig. 1), printing mint leaves, an apple (the butterfly), mushrooms, celery, bell pepper and Acacia leaves from our tree.  The vase was free-hand cut from paper then used as a pattern to cut monoprinted fabric.  Members remembered my Flowers for Elizabeth (fig. 2) which won a judge's choice award at our quilt show 2013, and the idea grew from there.  Workshop photos: (fig. 3- 9).  One of our students, Nasreen Saeedi, was the first to finish her Fantasy Floral (fig. 10).  It is gorgeous!  Can't wait to see the others.  The challenge is on, ladies!

I don't know that we would ever get a call to do this again but we all agreed it sure was a lot of fun!

Fantasy Floral                           fig. 1    
Flowers for Elizabeth                                    fig. 2

Mary Ann and Nancy ready to Print  fig. 3

Print Demo                                                  fig. 4         

Linda Printing                           fig. 5

   Lisa and Jennifer                                        fig. 6

Practice Prints                                              fig. 7

Samples from Right: Nancy, Nancy, Nancy,                     fig. 8

Samples by Connie                                                            fig. 8

Nasreen Saeedi                                         fig. 9

Sunday, February 25, 2018

February 2018 Bafa Meeting

Members presented their color design exercise for February - secondary color plus its split compliments (Fig. 1-3).  Our selected journal page word for February was Holiday.  (Fig. 3-9). Word for March is Tranquility.  Classwork and show and tell was presented (Fig. 10-12 and 13-16).  Dot repurposed an old Judy Murrah pattern into a background for her stitchwork class with Lydie (Fig. 12) and Jean covered a flipflop with fiddlystick motifs (Fig. 13).  Lydie plans to donate a book or two to the Boutique at the Golden Triangle Quilt Show and Market, April 13-14.

                                                                        Fig. 1

                                                              Fig. 2

  Sylvia                                                           Fig. 3

Jean                                    Fig. 4

Dot                                                          Fig.5

Lisa                                                                                                                                     Fig. 6

Kathy                                                         Fig. 7

Melissa                                                      Fig. 8

Connie                                                           Fig. 9

Beth              Shibori Work         Fig. 10

Lydie                                Fig. 11

Dot                                                               Fig. 12

Jean                 Fig.13

Lydie Bookcover1                                      Fig. 14

Lydie Bookcover 2                                     Fig. 15

            Lydie                Bookcover 3                      Fig. 16            

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

SAQA Spotlight Auction Work 2018

This little acrylic (fabric paint and pigmented inks) collage study (see Fig. 1 below) was originally created to explore depth using commercial stamps and my own rubbing plates.  The subtle, barely exposed patterning in some areas and more pronounced in others made it a successful effort, I thought.  See Fig. 2 to see what the work will look like with a 3/4" mat all around.

Untitled   6" x 8"                                       Fig. 1

Untitled                                             Fig. 2


SAQA Regional TEXtiles Exhibit

Coming Ashore (see Figures 1-2) will be appearing at the SAQA Regional TEXtiles Exhibit at the Drury Hotel, San Antonio, Tx., during the 2018 SAQA Conference, April 5-8.  The work is about the never-ending timelessness of the act itself and, upon discovery, wondering where my water-washed and deteriorated "beach treasures" came from, how long did it take them to reach shore and what were they once when they were whole.

Coming Ashore                 Fig. 1

Coming Ashore    Detail      Fig. 2

Sunday, January 28, 2018

BAFA Meeting January 2018

Much of our area flooded again.  Some just moved back into their houses after Hurricane Harvey repairs! Many of our members detoured to get to the meeting but get to it they did.

Color exercises, word interpretations (morphed from journal pages we did last year), show and tell, friendship blocks viewed and exchanged (no photos taken), and new member, Vera Berry, welcomed at our meeting yesterday.  Color exercise was secondary color plus its compliment (fig. 1-5).  Our word for January was "scraps".  Interpretations were varied and interesting (fig. 6-14).  Show and Tell was shown  (fig. 15 - 23).

One of our members, Lisa Johnson, is a teacher.  She shows her "homework" to her students who say, "Awww, you have fun homework"!  Our homework for next month is our next color exercise, secondary color plus color on each side of its compliment and next word interpretation based on the word "holiday".

Kathy Risinger                                     fig. 1

Susan Cornell                                fig. 2

Sylvia Weir                                         fig. 3

Dot Collins                                       fig. 4

cmf                                            fig. 5

Dot Collins                                                     fig. 6

Jean Aguilar                                                   fig. 7

Kathy Risinger                                               fig. 8

Susan Cornell                                          fig. 9

Dot Collins                                                  fig. 10

Christine Schmelebeck                                  fig. 11

Lisa Johnson                                                fig. 12

Sylvia Weir                                                 fig. 13

cmf                                                            fig. 14

Lanterns          Melissa Tweedel                  fig. 15

Melissa  Tweedel                                         fig. 16

Sherry Walker                                              fig. 17

Sylvia Weir Circle Challenge           fig. 18

Sylvia Weir                                            fig. 19

Sylvia Weir                            fig. 20
Vera Berry   Zippered Pouch Bag   fig. 21

Kathy Risinger    Classwork
fig. 22

Dot Collins  Urchin Pincushion                   fig. 23