Sunday, February 25, 2018

February 2018 Bafa Meeting

Members presented their color design exercise for February - secondary color plus its split compliments (Fig. 1-3).  Our selected journal page word for February was Holiday.  (Fig. 3-9). Word for March is Tranquility.  Classwork and show and tell was presented (Fig. 10-12 and 13-16).  Dot repurposed an old Judy Murrah pattern into a background for her stitchwork class with Lydie (Fig. 12) and Jean covered a flipflop with fiddlystick motifs (Fig. 13).  Lydie plans to donate a book or two to the Boutique at the Golden Triangle Quilt Show and Market, April 13-14.

                                                                        Fig. 1

                                                              Fig. 2

  Sylvia                                                           Fig. 3

Jean                                    Fig. 4

Dot                                                          Fig.5

Lisa                                                                                                                                     Fig. 6

Kathy                                                         Fig. 7

Melissa                                                      Fig. 8

Connie                                                           Fig. 9

Beth              Shibori Work         Fig. 10

Lydie                                Fig. 11

Dot                                                               Fig. 12

Jean                 Fig.13

Lydie Bookcover1                                      Fig. 14

Lydie Bookcover 2                                     Fig. 15

            Lydie                Bookcover 3                      Fig. 16            

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

SAQA Spotlight Auction Work 2018

This little acrylic (fabric paint and pigmented inks) collage study (see Fig. 1 below) was originally created to explore depth using commercial stamps and my own rubbing plates.  The subtle, barely exposed patterning in some areas and more pronounced in others made it a successful effort, I thought.  See Fig. 2 to see what the work will look like with a 3/4" mat all around.

Untitled   6" x 8"                                       Fig. 1

Untitled                                             Fig. 2


SAQA Regional TEXtiles Exhibit

Coming Ashore (see Figures 1-2) will be appearing at the SAQA Regional TEXtiles Exhibit at the Drury Hotel, San Antonio, Tx., during the 2018 SAQA Conference, April 5-8.  The work is about the never-ending timelessness of the act itself and, upon discovery, wondering where my water-washed and deteriorated "beach treasures" came from, how long did it take them to reach shore and what were they once when they were whole.

Coming Ashore                 Fig. 1

Coming Ashore    Detail      Fig. 2