Sunday, December 31, 2017

Say Cheese 2017

This year's Sew Piecefull Bee exchange work turned out to be one of two challenges-to-self for the year.  It features two deer from two photos taken through the window at Quilter's Cabin by Jenni Beaumont (used with her permission) while we were there on retreat.  I drew them the old fashioned way creating a grid on a 4" x 6" photo then drawing a cartoon out by hand on a larger grid.  I then decided it wasn't large enough so took it to FedEx and enlarged the cartoon.  After transferring the image to white muslin, I began painting.  I mixed the use of watercolor blocks and pencils with acrylic pigmented ink.  The painted deer then were machine appliqued onto a pieced and appliqued background embellished with dyed cheesecloth and thread trash.  Since they definitely looked like deer caught in the headlights, I called the finished work Say Cheese (figure 1).  It was made for fellow SPB member, James Bridges.  I had too much fun with this one.  I think I will try a stag next.

Say Cheese                                            fig. 1

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