Monday, November 21, 2016

BAFA New Design Challenge November, 2016

Members of Beaumont Area Fiber Artists brought their circle blocks to the November meeting for exchange with another artist who will then take it to the next stage and return it in January.  Some of them looked finished "as is" and others looked like a WIP.  Some members did more than one.  Lisa Johnson created her circles in Star Trek circle language (Figure 7) to spell her name then took artistic license and moved a small circle so there is no telling what she spelled!  See Figures 1-15.  Jerry Lynne Domingue shared what she called a "What If" interesting version of slice and dice taken to many levels (see Figure 18).  Dot Collins showed a circle quilt top she made for one of her granddaughters (see Figure 20).  Sylvia Weir brought her self-portrait posted here (see Figure 17).

Melissa Tweedel                                         Fig. 1

Sylvia Weir                                                    Fig. 2

Dot Collins                                                   Fig. 3

Kathy Risinger                                             Fig. 4

Kathy Risinger                                              Fig. 5

Jean Aguilar                                                 Fig. 6

Lisa Johnson                                                 Fig. 7

Susan Cornell                                            Fig. 8

Beth Mayer                                                  Fig. 9

Dot Collins                                               Fig. 10

cmf                                                            Fig. 11

Jerry Lynne Domingue                        Fig. 12

Christine Schmelebeck                        Fig. 13 

Christine Schmelebeck                     Fig. 14

Sherry Walker                                          Fig. 15

All together                                                  Fig. 16 

Sylvia Weir Self Portrait       Fig. 17

Jerry Lynne Domingue                 Fig. 18

Susan Cornell                               Fig. 19 

Dot Collins                           Fig. 20

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Magical Minions

My friend, Nikki Strimpel, and I challenged ourselves to make Minion quilts for our grandchildren out of pre-printed panels and companion fabrics, plus a number of additional fabrics not related to the line.  Mine are posted below (see figures 1 and 2 below).  I made the quilt tops and both quilts were quilted by Nikki Bracken.

Fin's Minion                                               Fig. 1

E's Minions                                        Fig. 2