Monday, September 19, 2016

Presenting Alice Challenge Quilts to GTQG

Seven members of the Golden Triangle Quilt Guild presented their Alice in Wonderland challenge quilts to guild members present at the day and night meetings.  They talked about their inspiration, creative goals, techniques and materials they used for the work they created (Fig. 1-7).

The following day, five of the members presented a hands-on, mixed media workshop.  Melinda Stanton walked us all through computer searches and apps for the I-pad to aid in finding inspiration.  Michelle Walker did a hands-on 15 minute fabric landscape sketch, all improvisational.  I did a hands-on create confetti fabric and gave a free-motion stitching lesson.  Susan Cornell did quick landscape sketches and work with Pro-Chem Paints.  Dot Collins did cartoon drawing and work with pigmented ink.  It was a very full day and fun was had by all (Figures 8-18).

Three of the girls had never created an art quilt before (Fig. 2, 3, and 5)

Alice II              19x30                 Fig.1

Michelle Walker                              Fig.2

Melinda Stanton                                  Fig. 3

Janet Coggins                                             Fig. 4

Lisa Johnson - Property of W. Rabbit         Fig. 5

Susan Cornell - Lobster Quadrille                 Fig. 6

Dot Collins                                                    Fig. 7

Susan working with Pro-Chem Paints
Fig. 8

Creating Confetti Fabric                Fig. 9

Confetti Flower                         Fig. 10

Confetti Flower                        Fig. 11

15-Minute Fabric Sketch           Fig. 12

                                              Fig. 13

                                                                     Fig. 14

 Landscape Fabric Sketch with Confetti - Fig. 15

                                                                     Fig. 16

                                                                     Fig. 17

                                                    Fig. 18


  1. Thanks for the long post. All the Alice challenge pieces are good. They show a lot of thought went into them. Hooray to all!!

  2. These are all wonderful! Wish I could see them all in person. I would hate to have to choose a favorite!

    1. There were several categories to vote on...only remember viewer's choice since I didn't vote. I did later hear that Lisa Johnson's Property of W. Rabbit won viewer's choice. No surprise there. It would have had my vote too!