Thursday, September 8, 2016

Alice In Wonderland Book Challenge 2016

This is my second go at an Alice in Wonderland challenge.  The first was several years ago while a member of Beyond the Borders, a Houston-based art quilt group (fig. 1-2).  This new challenge was sponsored by the Golden Triangle Quilt Guild in Beaumont.  I worked from one of John Tenniel's (1820-1914) original illustrations for Alice in Wonderland published in 1865 (fig. 3).  Homage to John, I used fiber and color to create a dream world, giving the realistically depicted Alice a taste of her new simplified, whimsical and surreal environment (fig. 4).

I worked with my own painted and confetti-created fabric.  Dyed cheesecloth (thanks to Fiber on a Whim) was used to flesh out leaf shapes and give ground to Alice.  Commercial fabric and a bit of tulle for Alice's shadow rounded out the fiber used.  Free-motion zig-zag, blanket, straight and bobbin stitching were used to add to the overall fantasy, texture and dimension.  Pigmented inks were used to highlight, shade and otherwise add a little contrast to a mostly medium-value work.  My landscape was deliberately created to look like Alice landed on an alien planet!

Alice Down the Hole for BtB       fig. 1

Alice's Odyssey   BtB Members                     fig. 2

Alice Meeting Cheshire Cat-fig. 3

Untitled          19" x 30"               fig. 4

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