Tuesday, August 23, 2016


A lot of work was shown at the August 6th BAFA meeting.  I have posted some of the work below to share with you (Fig. 1-10).  Of note, see Dot's finished Susan Carlson classwork, Sisters Sharing Secrets, from a photo she took of her grand-daughters (Fig. 10).

Oil Stick WIP - Nancy Dickey                   Fig. 1

WIP - Jerry Lynne Domingue                    Fig. 2

Jerry's WIP                                                Fig. 3

De-and-Re-Constructed - Jerry                   Fig. 4

Finished Work - Melissa Tweedel                 Fig. 5

Melissa WIP                                              Fig. 6

WIP - Dot Collins                          Fig. 7

WIP - Dot                                 Fig. 9

Sisters Sharing Secrets - Dot Collins           Fig. 10

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